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Escaping January Blues on a Budget in Malta

Now that the festive frenzy is over and it’s time to return to normality, you may find yourself feeling a little blue.

Trudging to the office on dark, freezing mornings with no hope of Christmas cheer to perk you up can be a major drag in January, a month that is frequently cited as the worst month of the year when it comes to people’s overall happiness levels.

Rather than gritting your teeth and dealing with the drudgery, your best bet for surviving January may well be to do as millions of other people do and escape for a little while. There are countless destinations that market themselves as ideal for avoiding the January blues, but none are more appropriate for all kinds of traveller than the Mediterranean island state of Malta.

With year-round sun, high-roller gambling, and cheap prices, this ancient and compact destination will ensure you forget all about the drudgery of January. Here’s why it should be your next holiday spot.

Sun, Sea, and Sand, All Year Round

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One of the major appeals of Malta for European travellers is the mild climate. With an average 300 days of sunshine every year, there is every chance that January visitors will be able to soak up some summer sun on one of Malta’s dozens of public beaches. Even if the weather is less than ideal, visitors can take advantage of the many outdoor heated pools that litter the island.

Casino Glitz & Glamour 

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Malta has undergone numerous transformations over the course of its 7000-year history, with one of the most recent being its rebirth as one of Europe’s premier gambling destinations. Due to surging interest from keen gamblers from places such as Germany, a country that sends hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers to Malta every year, the island has become a Mediterranean Vegas. Thanks to the immense global popularity of major online casinos such as Genesis Casino, more travellers than ever are flocking to destinations that can offer top-notch poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Instead of forking out big bucks and flying to Nevada, you can enjoy the many glitzy casinos that imbue Malta’s nightlife with oodles of old-world glamour.

Affordable and Stress-Free Relaxation

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Flights to Malta from virtually anywhere in Europe will cost very little, whilst hotel rooms in January are a mere fraction of what you would pay in the summer months. Once you have arrived, you’ll find that the cost of eating and drinking is considerably lower than most other EU destinations, with a romantic meal for two with a bottle of wine costing between 30 and 50 euros in most mid-range spots. In addition, getting around the island is easy and stress-free. Malta’s famous and extensive bus network covers every inch of the island, with a ticket for an adult to anywhere costing a mere €1.50 in the winter months.

With hedonistic thrills, perfect weather, and budget-friendly fun, Malta is the perfect spot to forget your January troubles and get a little taste of summer. Book now before the flights start to fill up!

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