Cannabis and Creativity: Unleashing the Artistic Potential through Marijuana

You’ve definitely heard the claim that cannabis boosts creativity. Maybe, you’ve even experienced how a marijuana shake makes your brain spit out great ideas. Or maybe, it’s just your imagination? Let’s take a look at what research says about the link between cannabis and creativity.


Why is it difficult to measure the impact of weed on creativity?

There is a lot of research on the relationship between cannabis use and creativity, but often, their findings contradict each other.

Studies are conducted with some limitations, such as using a certain strain of cannabis or cannabis with a certain THC level. This may be due to country laws, regulations, or research ethics. Sometimes, scientists do not even see the process of cannabis consumption by their subjects.

Some scientists joke that as private individuals, they could get a lot more interesting marijuana for research than they have available in laboratories.

Besides, how do you actually measure creativity? In laboratories, people are mostly given standardized tests, such as coming up with a use for a paper clip or a brick. But perhaps, the mechanism for creating music, paintings, or scientific discoveries is different from inventing a use for a paper clip.


What research says about marijuana and creativity

Here are some prevailing opinions and well-known studies.

Opinion 1: Cannabis does not increase creative energy

…but changes the perception of the results of creativity.

The study involved more than 300 people who use marijuana. It is worth noting that this was not a strictly laboratory study. The researchers point out that due to organizational and ethical issues, they could not ask people to smoke in the lab.

Anyway, 15 minutes (or a maximum of 12 hours) after consuming marijuana, people were offered two creative tests. The first was to come up with as many uses for a brick as possible. The second was to find ways to raise revenue for a local music band. Sober people took the same tests.

The answers were evaluated by independent experts. They came to the conclusion that the creative abilities were about the same in both groups.

However, there was a nuance: those who smoked rated their work and the work of other people higher.

So, the conclusion of this study is that marijuana does not increase or decrease creativity, but it does make you appreciate the results of your own and other people’s creativity more. This is worth keeping in mind for managers who approve creative ideas.


Opinion 2. Cannabis increases creativity, but indirectly

Another group of researchers decided to test whether marijuana users are more creative when sober. The results of their creativity were evaluated as follows:

  • Compared to non-consumers;
  • By consumers’ own assessment.

Cannabis consumers rated themselves as more creative. Non-smokers gave themselves lower scores. It should be mentioned again that the subjects were sober.

In addition, sober consumers had better convergent thinking scores.

It also turned out that consumers are more open to new experiences, more adventurous, and less conscientious. And here’s the thing: there is evidence that greater openness to experience, higher levels of extraversion, and lower levels of conscientiousness can be associated with higher creative abilities.

It turns out that the influx of creative energy may not be due to the effect of marijuana itself but to the effect of marijuana on a particular person. Cannabis increases a person’s openness to new experiences, which leads to increased creative activity.


Opinion 3. Cannabis allows the mind to wander

You’ve probably noticed that great solutions sometimes come to you at unexpected times. You may be puzzling over a difficult problem all day long and then suddenly come up with a solution while doing yoga or taking a shower. Just like Archimedes with his Eureka.

This effect is due to the fact that your thoughts “wander” when you are engaged in something moderately interesting. Not too boring and not too exciting. That is, you are not yet distracted, but you are no longer fully focused on the task. This state increases the level of creativity.

As you know, marijuana can reduce stress and anxiety, and possibly put you in a state of mind wandering. Perhaps, this is what helps you see good solutions and come up with good ideas.

It seems that researchers will not come to a consensus for many years yet. This is not surprising, because attempts to solve the issue of the connection between weed and creativity have appeared relatively recently. We definitely need more data and in-depth research.


Top 7 cannabis strains for a creative boost

Each weed strain will affect your body uniquely. But some are known for causing a surge of creativity.

  1. Jackpot (24% THC). It has a light taste and aroma of wine, spices, and vanilla. At first, it causes a surge of euphoria and joy, followed by a burst of creative energy.
  2. Blue Dream (20% THC). Tastes and smells like sweet berries. You will feel a flood of creativity, which will end in deep relaxation in the body and brain.
  3. Blueberry Lambsbread (15% THC). The moderate THC content will eclipse you just enough to allow you to get creative or brainstorm effectively. The blueberry and earthy flavors will complete the experience.
  4. Skywalker (28% THC). A powerful strain that will give you the feeling of wandering through the sky. This cannabis initially accelerates creative activity to the maximum and leaves you with a feeling of complete relaxation.
  5. Mimosa (27% THC). The herb with an incredible citrus flavor works in two ways. First, it causes euphoria and makes your brain generate ideas. Second, it reduces physical pain and anxiety. A great choice for any purpose.
  6. Pineapple Sherbet (22% THC). This strain has a pleasant tropical taste and smell, with notes of sourness and fresh herbs. At first, it fills you with energy and puts you in a creative mood. Then comes deep relaxation or even a pleasant heaviness. In addition, it copes well with pain, fatigue, and stress.
  7. Mango Star (25% THC). A great combination of mental and physical sensations. You expect joy and vigor and may want to immerse yourself in creativity. You will feel hunger and warmth in your body. A large dose acts as a sedative.

If you’re stuck on a project or just want to let your mind wander, these varieties can get you off the ground.


Where to buy marijuana for a creative boost

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