Car Accidents in Las Vegas

Not only are car accidents frightening, they often leave irreversible damages. These damages include mental and emotional trauma from the accident, injuries, and incapacitation, leading to loss of income due to inability to work.

There is also a financial burden from medical bills and damages that occur to the vehicle itself. Luckily, you can file a claim against the party responsible for the accident and get financial compensation for the damages you incur by filing a personal injury claim.

Here is all you need to know about a car accident in Las Vegas.


Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Statistics show that among the leading reasons for car accidents in Las Vegas is a lack of knowledge regarding traffic rules and regulations. In addition, DUIs are among the causes of car accidents, perhaps due to the many activities associated with Las Vegas, like casinos and nightclubs. Speeding and careless driving are also among the main reasons that cause accidents.


Process of Filing for a Claim

The first step is filing for a claim within a certain period as per the statute of limitations. After that, you have to gather evidence to show and prove that the defendant was at fault. The next step is finding a lawyer to value your claim and start negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company. Most car accident lawsuits end through settlement because the insurance companies try to avoid going to trial.


The Role of a Lawyer

Regardless of the type of accident you are in, or the kind of damages you face, the first step is to hire a lawyer’s services. Car accident cases often seem easy and straightforward, but that is not the case. The role of a lawyer is to ensure they use their knowledge to get you the best deal. However, before they value your claim, they have to file for the lawsuit within the time provided for in the statute of limitations. They also have to document all the evidence that will prove fault and increase your winning chances.

The paperwork involving personal injury lawsuits are also complicated, and a Las Vegas car accident attorney will save you time and money by handling it and possibly expediting the process. A reasonable attorney will also hold negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf after valuing your claim so that you receive the right amount as per the value of your claim when it comes to the settlement amount.

The value of the claim depends on the damages you incur. This is determined by the medical bills that you pay, both short-term and long-term. There is also the extent of the damages. If you are incapacitated and unable to work due to the accident, then the claim’s value would be higher than if you were suing for emotional damages only.


How Do You Pay Your Lawyer?

Many people avoid hiring the services of a lawyer because they consider it an added expense. But not working with a lawyer provides a loophole that may allow insurance companies to take advantage of you and give you less money than they should. Whatever the cost of the lawyer is, you’re much better paying for one.


Are You Ready to File for a Claim?

The process of filing for a car accident claim in Las Vegas is easier if you have representation from a reasonable attorney. The lawyer will value your claim, and file the paperwork on your behalf. They will negotiate with the insurance company, and if the negotiations are not fruitful, the lawyer will represent you in court.

You have to prove fault in the case of a personal injury claim. Therefore, if you have a good attorney by your side, your chances of winning the settlement are much higher.

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