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The Aces 1883 Playlist Takeover

Alt-pop band The Aces — AKA the coolest girls in music — curated their very own playlist of their current favourite tracks for 1883 Magazine. 

The quartet, comprising of Cristal Ramirez on vocals & guitar, Alisa Ramirez on drums, McKenna Petty on bass, and Katie Henderson on lead guitar and vocals, have gained a dedicated & passionate following since their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, just two years ago. Since then, the band has toured with the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, amassed over 80 million streams, and, just recently, dropped two new tracks from their upcoming sophomore release. Although their music has resonated with listeners all over the globe, it’s the impact The Aces, as an all-woman group, have had on the industry that’s important; they’ve carved a new identity for what a modern band looks like today (as in, not an all-white male rock band).

To celebrate their two incredible singles — ‘Daydream’ and ‘Lost Angeles’ — we asked The Aces if they’d lend us their headphones & aux cords and let us know what they are loving and listening to at the moment.



‘Lost Angeles’ — The Aces 

‘This song is about how a bad experience can completely ruin something for you; whether that’s a song, a restaurant, or a city. LA for me was somewhere I loved, and then hated, and now love again, and this song kinda tells that story.’


‘American Boyfriend’ — Kevin Abstract
‘I love this song because it has this dope really dreamy vibe and makes me feel nostalgic about my high school days when I was sneaking out and running wild all the time.’


‘Repeat After Me’ — The Weeknd
‘This song taps a certain feeling for me in music that I absolutely die for. It’s like that heart-ache desperation type of feeling and the lyrics just take it a step further. I also love that it almost sounds like the Weeknd meets Tame Impala, two of my all-time favs.’


‘Levitating’ — Dua Lipa
‘This song is a disco dance PARTY. It just makes me feel really good every time I hear it, and I find myself dancing during my workouts.’


‘Over Yet’ — Hayley Williams
‘This one came at the perfect time for me. I’ve been really struggling with my anxiety and hope right now, I’m sure as a lot of people are. When I first heard that bassline, I was like ‘OKKK HERE WE GO’ and then the lyrics topped it off to become my fav kick-ass motivational track.’


‘Daydream’ — The Aces
‘This song feels so fitting right now. It’s about daydreaming about seeing the ones you love again. I love the nostalgia of it, plus the beat just makes it feel so good.’


‘Inside Friend’ — Leon Bridges & John Mayer
‘The first time I heard this song, it was immediately refreshing to hear. During the quarantine, I’ve been looking for those sweet, easy vibe tracks and this is a newfound gem.’


‘Cool’ — Dua Lipa
‘I love all the melodies on this track. It has the perfect mix with that dreamy synth and funky bassline and makes me excited for summer days.’


‘Where You Belong’ — Little Dragon
‘Little Dragon is one of my all-time favourites. I saw them perform 6 years ago and was so inspired by their creativity and talent. This song is a new sound for them and I love the funk that they are tapping into.’


‘Aries’ — Gorillaz ft. Peter Hook and Georgia
‘I love this new Gorillaz song, firstly because I’m an Aries! But also because it reminds me of the old Gorillaz songs that I grew up on and are very nostalgic to me. Joy Division and New Order are also bands that I grew up on and Peter Hook is a very influential bassist for me. His bass featured on this song is a dream collaboration.’


Check out these tracks in this week’s 1883 playlist.


playlist in collaboration with Kelsey Barnes


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