Classic Furniture Pieces You Need In Your Home


Our home is our sanctuary. Therefore, the things that we display at home should be for aesthetic purposes and functional as well.

We can never go wrong with classic furniture when we think of blending comfort, design, and usefulness. Like the luxurious Chesterfield suites, here are five classic furniture pieces which are guaranteed must-haves at home.


1.Chesterfield Sofa

This classic furniture evokes both a sense of comfort and grandiosity that will surely attract anyone’s eyes. The name “Chesterfield” came from Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, to which the sofa is usually credited to.

In actuality, any sofa that has an even backrest and armrest can be classified as a Chesterfield–but what makes a genuine Chesterfield sofa so distinctive is the button-tufted upholstery, rolled arms, and low seat base. It is traditionally made with leather, but it can also now be in velvet, linen, and other types of fabrics as well. The Chesterfield sofa sure is one of the most popular and loved classic pieces to have at home.


2.Platform Bed

The oldest, simplest, and most used bed design. It is just a mattress on top of a raised platform–really, nothing much–but it has existed since time immemorial, and it is still widely used today. Its bed frames are just made of different materials that can support mattresses without needing a box spring.

It used to have only three types: low profile, flat, or slatted support surface, but more styles have been developed due to various interior design innovations.


3.Shaker Dresser

Developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing or Shakers, this dresser is designed to reflect their beliefs of honesty, utility, and simplicity. The shaker dresser is minimalistic, without any additional designs to maintain asymmetrical drawer arrangements and multipurpose forms.

The Shakers believed that ornamentations like inlays, carvings, metal pull, and veneers are prideful or deceitful, so the furniture they made is usually plain and straightforward. Shaker dressers and other Shaker furniture are generally made with cherry, maple, or pine lumber, while the pulls or handles are made with wood.


4.Louis XVI Chair

All Louis chairs are distinctive and beautiful on their level, but a Louis XVI Chair thrives on its classic simplicity. The distinguishing characteristics of Louis XVI Chairs are its clean lines, geometric shapes, and straight legs. The backrests may be round, rectangular, or take the shape of a shield. Its armrests meet the front end of the seat with a scroll-shaped carving. The additional ornamentations are fluting and ribbon carvings on its body and top of the backrest.

Most Louis XVI furniture is designed for Queen Marie Antoinette to be placed in the apartments she created. Therefore, these pieces, including the chair, are made to evoke elegance and neoclassicism.


5.Tulip Table

This is a piece from Eero Saarinen’s The Pedestal Collection, which is also known as the Tulip Collection because of the furniture’s similarity to the flower.

Saarinen aimed to eliminate the “slum of legs” under chairs and tables, which resulted in the tulip table–a one-legged table that allows more space underneath. It is also one of the most versatile pieces because of its ability to be coherent with any design style.


House furnishings are necessary whether you are purchasing a new home, relocating, or simply wanting to make your present living space more livable. Buying furniture such as a coffee table, especially new furniture, can be costly, so it’s always a good idea to browse around and do your homework on the furniture your household needs the most.

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