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3 Amazing Facts About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of those games that became the defining factor for an entire generation, not only making its mark on history, but creating a history entirely of its own, the history of Azzeroth, of Blizzard, of its community.

And, as it tends to be with history, there are certain moments that just stand out, like Leroy Jankin’s last stand (or suicidal charge, if you prefer), to the legendary skirmishes between the Horde and the alliance.

World of Warcraft is full of interesting facts and secrets that it can share with the world, and today we are going to share some of them with you!


The Ghost of Haris Pilton

In the city with the almost unpronounceable name of Shattrath, down in the lower alleys, there is a place that goes by the name of “World’s End Tavern”, where this annoying little blood elf female merchant called Haris Pilton can be found.

Now, by herself Haris is already a hilarious parody of a certain celebrity that you may know, she sells a legendary WoW item called a “Gigantique” bag, and asks if the same questionable adjective can be applied to your um… “Sack”.

What few people know is that Haris is shadow by another figure that may only be seen by priests wearing the “Eye of Divinity”, a figure which goes by the name of Ricole Nichie.

Don’t believe us? Then grind an Eye of divinity for yourself, (or buy one on Eldorado), and have a look at this funny if a little cruel Easter egg.


The Corrupted Blood Pandemic

You may be a little tired of hearing this word, but back in the olden days of World of Warcraft it was associated with a much funnier and frankly impressive event in the history of Azzeroth: The Corrupted Blood Pandemic.

It all started on September 13th 2005, when Blizzard released an update for the game that featured a brand-new raid calle Zul’Gurub, at the end of which Hakkar The SoulFlayer awaited to destroy his new challengers.

However, Hakkar had a special ability called corrupted blood that would spread like a real disease, which players had to combat by spreading and keeping a distance from each other (ironic, we know.)

Here’s the problem though: When characters dismissed their pets, they would retain any debuffs due to a programming error, which made them carry the “disease” out of Zul’Gurub, killing thousands of low level character and NPCs and triggering a sequence of events not unlike the ones we’re living through today.


A One Of a Kind Mount

The story about the rarest mount in the entire game goes something like this: There was once was a very unlucky gnome that accidentally deleted his mechanostrider while managing his mounts.

Not wanting to venture through the world on foot, the gnome pleaded with one of the GMs to get it back, a wish that was granted tenfold when said GM mistakenly gifted him a Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider, a mount that didn’t even exist before.

This meant that out of all the millions of mount-owning World of Minecraft Players, there is only one that has that mount, no one else, making him a very lucky gnome.



MMORPGs are a unique genre in gaming. Nowhere else can you build this sense of community of the shared experieces and stories, and no other game does it like World of Warcraft.

The stories we’ve shared here are just some in a long history of Azzeroth that involves every single player, who when questioned, will likely share some that are unique to them and no one else. 

Do you have one of such stories? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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