Colour TV | You Treat This Place Like A Hotel

Ahead of their upcoming EP, Colour TV releases their smash new single You Treat This Place Like A Hotel.

For indie five-piece Colour TV, this year is one for the books. Between playing Isle Of Wight Festival, selling out a number of dates across the UK, and adding a new band member — bass player Chris Harwood. Now, they are describing this next chapter as one where they are “emerging from the dust cloud.”

“Colour TV emerges from the dust cloud with a redefined sound in the manifest of “You Treat This Place Like A Hotel,” the band states. “The incorporation of a fifth member has forged a new and purposeful path with emphasis on plaintive lyricism and melodic interplay. We aspire to condense cinema to pop art form, to soundtrack the film of your life.”

With larger-than-life sounds, the new single demonstrates the band’s knack for bringing a deft touch to indie sonics. With plucky riffs paired with punchy drums, “You Treat This Place Like A Hotel” shows the band’s ability to craft a hook without sounding cookie-cutter. “‘You Treat This Place Like A Hotel’ tells the story of a relationship that has frosted in the wake of a communicative breakdown,” they explain. “The song is a hymn to anyone who has felt themselves a replacement, asking could be stand-ins for the love of somebody else’s life. You might not ruin a hotel room, but you wouldn’t treat the place like you’re planning to stay. In the face of that attitude is the hope to be appreciated not for any proximate qualities, but for who we are – your New Nobody.”

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