Contemporary Art Trends: What Young Artists Are Inspired by

Art never stays the same. Throughout our history, people always made art. It was reflecting their environment, events, feelings, gods, and everything their imagination could think of.

Over time, artists grew more skillful. New techniques were appearing, new styles and artistic trends happened. By now, it seems like humanity has tried everything at least once when it comes to art. Still, young artists seem to be determined to discover something new. They are inspired to create, express themselves, and be the voice of their generation.

These days aspiring artists are seeking their muses all over the place. They look at the past with great artists as examples. They look around at things that are happening in the current time. They also look at nature or urban landscapes to find some inspiration and fresh ideas. These are some of the sources young artists can pay close attention to when in need of inspiration.



As the world is growing too chaotic, the technological progress more rapidly, and the political problems seem to be piling up, many people tend to turn to nature for inspiration and peace. Nature has always been one of the main sources of inspiration for artists. However, now more than ever, we look at nature as our biggest source of hope. With climate change, deforestation, and heavy human interference, the current generation may be the last ones to witness the beauty of nature.

A similar atmosphere existed at the end of the 19th century. At that time, the world was facing drastic changes in most areas of life, from technological to political. When some people were embracing those changes, artists, as more sensitive souls, sought an escape from the fast-paced life in nature. This was the period in history that gave us impressionist and post-impressionist paintings. You can use any academic writing service to learn more about the artists of that era.

Now, the situation seems similar. The world is entering a chaotic place where nature often seems to be the only escape from it. Yet, the current state of wild nature also reminds us about people’s interference with the environment. Overall, contemporary art portrays nature as something departing or fading. Just as a hundred years ago, impressionists portrayed the peace of the 18th century.



One of the growing trends in contemporary art today is collaboration. Artists don’t feel wrong about sharing their work with other professionals in their field. In fact, other people’s work and style can serve as a great source of inspiration to them. Overall, more and more artists prefer engaging in collaborative projects once in a while. Sometimes they do due to the complexity of the work or combination of various media used for the project. Sometimes artists just believe in teamwork and its ability to reveal the best in everyone who participates.


Society and politics

As always, artists can’t exist outside a political or social environment. Whether it is something that is happening in their own country or in the world, artists always respond to those events in their art. It is especially true now. As the world is becoming more interconnected and globalized, people feel closer to each other.

Though, even if we take the US as an example, we can find lots of issues artists can write about. The recent years revealed many flaws in the American political system as well as underlying social problems. Any us essay writing service will shock you with the amount of order they recieve on the topics like racism, social injustice, gender-based violence, and similar.

Artists can’t stay silent when seeing what poor political decisions make to the country they love. Recently, the political and social environment has been a huge influence on American artists. Contemporary art is taking the people’s position and making us look at all the injustice and corruption of the current society.


Digital world

Recently, an online auction offered to buy the first digital painting. This was a painting that doesn’t exist in the physical world. Thus it is only available in the digital world. It was bought for almost $70 million. This purchase set the first example of what may soon become a massive trend in art. Digital art is gaining recognition as a serious art form that can bring a lot of money. Not to mention that most contemporary art has already moved online. So many young artists, musicians, and performers post their art online.  By working online, artists don’t have to face limitations by tight budgets, connections, or else. This way, they can reach an unlimited number of people.

Well, for the very least, digital art can be a great theme for the term paper, in case you are looking for one. Any term paper writing service would be glad to help you with turning that idea into great work.


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