Does Keratin Hair Treatment Cause Hair Loss?

Investing in a keratin hair treatment means reclaiming your tresses and turning them into luscious, smooth, silky, and frizz-free locks. For starters, keratin is a natural protein in hair that strengthens and protects strands against humidity. As the natural keratin depletes over time, your hair is prone to damage. This makes professional keratin therapy a promising smoothening treatment for your hair, replenishing the lost protein and bringing back the lost glory.

As much as it helps get smooth, frizz-free, and soft hair, it comes with a few hiccups. While the infused keratin rarely poses harm, the mix of formaldehyde and the use of flat iron for heat sealing make hair vulnerable. Also, lack of proper aftercare weakens the follicles, making them prone to hairfall.

Potential hairfall after keratin treatment

After the treatment, depending on the hair type and texture, it might make your hair vulnerable and prone to hairfall and breakage. It is not the keratin that triggers hairfall but the added chemicals and use of heat to seal the keratin. Here are a few reasons you might experience hair fall after getting a keratin treatment.

Use of chemicals

Most of the keratin formulation consists of formaldehyde, a chemical that opens the hair cuticles and increases the protein bonding and penetration to the hair. However, while it speeds up the keratin absorption through cuticles, it also weakens the hair follicles. If you already have weak and damaged hair, it may be prone to breakage.

Heat sealing with flat iron

Another reason you might experience hair fall after a keratin treatment is the heat radiating from the flat iron. After applying the formula and letting it sit for around 30 minutes, keratin needs to be sealed to the hair with the help of heat. Hence, the process involves running flat iron along the hair length. Heat damages and dries out cuticles, resulting in hairfall.

Lack of proper aftercare

One of the most significant blunders that might result in hairfall after keratin treatment is improper care. Frequent use of styling tools or products, use of wrong products, stress, and improper diet might trigger increased hairfall after the smoothing treatment.

Ways to reduce hair fall after the treatment

It’s not uncommon to face hairfall after chemical treatment. Besides bearing the keratin hair treatment cost, you might have to shell out more for aftercare, maintenance, and curbing hair fall. Here are a few ways to tackle hair fall and get shiny, voluminous, and frizz-free hair:

  • Always use haircare products, shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, etc., formulated for keratin-treated hair. Use a paraben and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair damage.
  • Add a hydrating and deep-conditioning hair mask to your weekly haircare regime. This nourishes dry hair, helps with detangling, and reduces breakage.
  • Rescue your hair with nourishment from natural oil. Mix a few drops of rosemary oil with almond and argan oil, apply on the scalp, and wash off after an hour. This keeps the hair nourished and reduces hair fall by stimulating the follicles. 
  • Limit the use of heat-styling tools like a curling wand or flat iron. Always use heat-protectant spray before heat styling to protect the strands from damage.
  • A wholesome and healthy diet is non-negotiable to maintaining the health and well-being of your hair. Consume food rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants for strengthening your hair. Also, consuming a protein-rich diet is known to prevent hair fall.

While keratin treatments have a few setbacks, they are manageable with proper aftercare. For best results and to reduce hair fall, it is highly recommended to consult a professional before opting for a keratin treatment to minimize damage.

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