Dylan Matthew – Proud of Me – Premiere

Dylan Matthew hits back at an ex in his new single Proud of Me, premiering on 1883 Magazine.

There is beauty in acknowledging your growth and that’s what artist Dylan Matthew embraces on his new track, Proud of Me. The song, which premieres on 1883 Magazine, sees Matthew at his strongest and snarkiest — hitting back at an ex who told him she’s proud of him for moving on despite her being the one to cause the demise of the relationship.

“‘Proud Of Me’ was a song I wrote before I even moved to LA after my breakup,” Dylan states to 1883. “It was a transitional period of my life where I was trying to live life a little more, grow from what I went through, and come back to life by figuring out who I am. After a while, my ex realized I was doing much better, and she told me that she was proud of me — which was something she said out of guilt or shame for what she did to me. She wanted me to be sad and mope without her. Instead, I wrote a song about being proud of the changes and growth I’ve had since our break-up.”

Known for crafting songs straight from his heart, Dylan Matthew’s latest release is no different — bringing together confident and punchy lyricism and blending sounds in pop, alternative, and indie. Later this year, fans can check out Dylan on the road as he embarks on his headlining no rain, no flowers tour in September with opening acts Rachel Grae and Caleb Hearn.

Proud of Me is out now.

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