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Just like first dates, meeting an escort can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re new to using their services. It would be a shame that your Dubai escort dresses up all classy and beautiful, and you, on the other hand, look totally unprepared for the evening. This is why you need to make a first impression that will lead to a pleasurable evening together. Remember, an escort is quite different from a prostitute. She’s like a girlfriend, but you pay for her time and company.

Preparing for your date is an essential part of making the evening memorable. You and your partner need to be in a good mood, especially if sex is on the menu. Therefore, keep these tips in mind before meeting your date.

Your Appearance Rates You High or Low

Your escort would appreciate you more when you put effort into dressing neatly for your date. Paying for a Dubai escort service shouldn’t be an excuse for being poorly dressed. Escorts spend money and time looking gorgeous for you, so you should return the favor.

If your date is in 2 hours, spend an hour dressing up. Start by observing good hygiene: cut your hair or visit the salon to have it styled, trim your beard and nails, and remove unwanted body hair. Spend time in the shower scrubbing your body and use mild perfumes. Choose clothes that accentuate your masculinity. Remember, the goal is to look desirable.

If you’re taking her home, ensure that your house is tidy and your bed is neatly made up with fresh sheets. Having your clothes strewn all over the place and your sheets smelling like a week-old garbage can distress your partner and spoil the mood for a good time.

Be Conversational

We know your date will likely end in bed. Still, there’s no harm in spicing things up with a good conversation while you prime up for the main event. If you’re not a conversation starter, that’s okay. You can make a mental note of a few engaging topics you wish to discuss and prepare beforehand. Start with talking about the weather, music, or one of her hobbies. You’ll be surprised to find that you both have similar views on certain issues.

Avoid Asking or Sharing Personal Questions

Don’t ruin your beautiful time together by asking personal questions. You will end up making your escort uncomfortable. Most escorts have a life outside this work, and it would be ethical to respect their privacy. Also, don’t divulge your private information to her. Although Dubai escorts are discreet, it is best to keep the conversation light for safety reasons.

Cash Payments over Transfers

Except your date works with an agency that demands card transactions, it is better to pay her fee in cash. Cash payment is preferable because it is discreet, especially if you have a reputation to maintain. Also, give her the agreed fee, and do not start haggling about the price after your engagement.

Be Specific with Your Needs

It is assumed that you have explicitly stated the activities you want from your Dubai escort. If you haven’t, you should do that before your appointment. While booking a Dubai escort, you must decide on the service you need. Choose the service, pay for it and stick to it on the appointed day. Do not change your mind last minute or require another service from your escort without prior information. Be a gentleman, and don’t force her to do anything outside the agreed plans except you have her consent.

Treat Your Escort Respectfully

Paying for the services of a Dubai escort does not make her any less of a human being. You should be friendly and respect her while you’re together. Try to create a relaxed atmosphere with quality conversation instead of demanding sex outrightly. Avoid getting drunk, it will ruin your date and may reduce your sexual stamina. Instead, take a cup if you badly need alcohol for your nerves. Also, be punctual and stick to your agreed timeframe. Finally, be honest with your needs, and let her know how she can please you rather than assuming.

Final Thoughts

Escorts are classy breeds, requiring equally classy men to make the experience awesome for both parties. Hiring an escort is easy. However, meeting them can cause anxiety to some. If you want to have a delightful time with your Dubai escort, you should make adequate preparations and embrace good ethics. Stick to the tips mentioned above and look forward to a memorable experience.

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