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Five Rules of Sauna Etiquette That You Should Not Ignore

Sometimes nothing beats a good sauna session. For many it’s peak relaxation. To sweat out those toxins and enjoy that release of endorphins. However, that can all change very quickly if someone then enters and displays one of the most heinous of crimes…bad sauna etiquette!

It can turn relaxation into stress in a matter of seconds and ruin any sense of enjoyment you had from a sauna. Of course, what’s just as important is that you yourself don’t display any signs of bad sauna etiquette too.

There are a number of unwritten rules that you should be aware of, because the last thing you want is to be that person. In fact, more and more people are investing in home saunas these days, so they don’t have to deal with such poor form, alongside the convenience of having one without the need of leaving the house.

Brands like Sun Stream Saunas UK are seeing more and more people taking an interest in saunas, for all manner of reasons. So, if you’re new to the world of saunas and need a few top tips for being respectful within them, here are five rules of sauna etiquette you really should follow…

Use a towel

Whether you’re using a sauna in the nude or wearing a bathing suit, it’s still important to take a towel in with you. What you should first do is get an idea of the dress code. In different countries it can vary, so just be wary of that.

However, the towel is a must, more to sit on. Firstly, it will provide you with a little more comfort when sitting down, but also it’s a little more hygienic than putting your bare bottom on a seat. Your towel will also allow you to sponge off the sweat that’ll pour from your skin too.

Be considerate of others

Consideration of others at all times is key in a sauna. Well, it is in all walks of life really, isn’t it?

There are several consideration points within a sauna though. Firstly, you should ask before adjusting any temperatures, whether that be on a sensor or by pouring water on any rocks. Additionally, if you want to use essential oils, which some people do enjoy, again it makes sense to ask others if they are happy with that before doing so.

Don’t use your phone!

While we’re all a bit obsessed with our smartphones, and smartphone separation anxiety is a real thing, it is really bad form to take your device into a sauna. Firstly, the whole point of a sauna is to escape the world and relax. A phone conversation or reading the news is not going to aid that.

Secondly, don’t be the person that’s sat in a sauna with music blasting out of your phone, whether you’ve got your headphones in or not. It will drive every other person in the sauna mad.

Enter and leave quickly

Back onto a consideration point again, and this is true for whether you’re in a home sauna with a family member or in a public sauna. It’s important to keep the sauna door open for as little time as possible.

This will prevent the hot air from escaping, so when you enter and leave do so as quickly and quietly as possible. You want to keep the vibe the same and not be disruptive. Too often you see people having a conversation by the door. It kills the ambience and alters the temperature.

Clean up after yourself

Finally, leave the space exactly as you found it. Wipe down any surfaces that you’ve used that have become sweaty, while you should also take towels out with you. Essentially, leave it for others how you’d like to find the sauna when you enter.

It’s a simple bit of sauna etiquette, but one that so many people ignore, and it can really kill the mood for the next person entering and make it a rather unpleasant experience.

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