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Get Inspired By The Danish Minimalist Way of Living

When you think about minimalism, you probably imagine a simple room with just a few elements of decor and a maximum of three colour choices. Minimalist trends are becoming increasingly popular, from clothes and jewellery to home designs and mindful habits, it seems like everyone is trying to jump on this bandwagon.

Many of us know that minimalism is related to Scandinavian design and lifestyle, but don’t know the true extent of it. So let’s find out a bit more about this concept and how we can incorporate it into our lifestyles and homes.

The Idea Behind a Minimalist Lifestyle

First of all, it’s important to know that minimalism and Scandinavian design aren’t the same concepts. Rather, minimalism is part of Scandinavian design and overall lifestyle. This movement started as a response to the politics of WWII when people were left with little to nothing and needed a new way of living. It emerged as self-expression against a complicated world and its principles were comprised of the philosophy that it’s important to get rid of the unnecessary and focus on the things that really matter.

Minimalism in the Scandi region is different from country to country, but it encapsulates the concept of hygge and focuses on happiness and comfort. Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world to live in, despite its cold weather and small population. Its architecture abounds in raw materials and open plan spaces, and its homes are decorated with a purpose, leaving all clutter behind.


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Moreover, Denmark is also the number one country in Europe for ease of business, with companies from various industries choosing to relocate there. Denmark’s ethos is mainly centred around the satisfaction of its residents, which is perhaps why so many businesses and industries based in the country choose to make their products and services as user-friendly, cost-efficient and accessible as possible.

A prime example of how the user experience is prioritised by businesses is when looking at the way in which online casinos operate. The entertainment industry is booming in this contented country, as evidenced by the fact that Denmark is one of Europe’s key markets for online gambling, with legislation that has modernised and liberalised the overall industry.

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Minimalist Trends

If you want to adopt the minimalist way of living, there are a few trends that you could implement. The easiest one is to change your consumerism habits and to stop buying just for the sake of spending money. Create a balance when it comes to shopping and lead with the ‘less is more’ motto. If you have a bunch of things you don’t use anymore, donate them, or refurbish them so that keeping them makes sense.



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Besides supporting sustainability, minimalism also means clean lines, simple colour schemes, and bringing nature into the mix. Choose neutral colours or soft pastels to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Then add outside elements like wood and stone, which are very common in Scandinavian designs because they reflect an appreciation for the natural world. Lastly, don’t forget to play with patterns, which are a must in any Scandinavian-inspired home. Since the overall look of your home is quite plain, patterns, plants, and lights are a way for you to bring a personal touch.

The minimalism concept is a great aesthetic idea that goes hand in hand with climate change and the need for sustainability. It supports simplicity and practicability while ensuring you don’t give up on style and comfort. You can rediscover the joy of using nature as an inspiration and can start looking out for design elements from the great outdoors. There’s no better time to start your journey to a minimalist lifestyle than now.

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