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Getting Playlisted on Spotify: Tips for Musicians in 2023

Increasing the number of streams on Spotify is a multi-step process, where several nuances create the big and meaningful picture. On the one hand, it is crucial to create posts on social media and back up your content on the streaming platform and systems like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. On the other hand, working on playlists and submitting playlists to professional curators will have an impact on your status as well. The latter will improve your reach, visibility, and ROI in the role of an independent artist.

If you wonder how to become enlisted in Spotify playlists and boost your career, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips and suggestions to make your Spotify goals reachable. Onwards!

The Catalog of Playlists on Spotify

Choosing the right strategy for getting playlisted depends on what selection of songs you want to use to promote your content. The list of the most popular options on the streaming platforms includes the following:

  • Custom — it is a must-have activity for any musician, regardless of their experience. That’s one of the prominent ways to represent your tracks on Spotify.
  • Belonging to third parties — people use ready-made playlists to get to know about other artists. Don’t hesitate to use this opportunity to spread your wings. For instance, you can contact popular influencers who estimate the value of tracks and add those they like to their personal playlists — that’s how you combine the benefits of digital and influencer marketing.
  • Editorial — given the millions of followers such catalogs have, it is a second-to-none opportunity. You have to send your songs to an in-house team of curators and editors to test your luck.
  • Release Radar — this algorithmic selection of songs shows relevant or recently uploaded musical content on Spotify. It is updated on Fridays, which makes it an efficient promotion tool for new tracks you make.
  • Spotify Mixes — Spotify’s algorithms are aimed at personalizing end-user listening experiences. If your song appears on a corresponding thematic playlist, it will be easier to reach your prospective supporters.
  • Discover Weekly — it is somewhat similar to the efficiency of Release Radar. However, it focuses on showcasing relevant musical products that might interest a particular user.

How to Get on Playlists on Spotify: Recommendations for Beginners

Let’s briefly discuss the main tactics for promoting your content and increasing the chance of getting playlisted in the desired category:

  • Spotify for Artists is a must — that’s how you can share content with editors on the platform and check their feedback. Don’t forget to verify your account.
  • Getting on Release Radar will be challenging for novice musicians — your success rate depends on the number of followers. So increasing your audience through other methods comes first. Then the algorithm will be triggered automatically.
  • By enhancing your engagement with fans and sharing your content on other platforms, you increase the chance of appearing on Discover Weekly.
  • Search for playlists that correspond with your musical practices and contact their curators.

All in all, your task is to experiment with different strategies and see what helps you accomplish the target goal. Spotify offers unique tools to succeed in this case.

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