Hair Extension for women: how to find the right one for you

Lear all differences between hair extension to choose the best one

Discover the best hair extensions to change your style and achieve natural long hair!

The best hair extensions are made with natural hair and are produced with extreme care to blend seamlessly when applied to real hair. Different models and versions are available, both for those who want to add volume to their hair and for those who want to have long hair and create new looks and hairstyles.


Type of hair extensions: discover all the New Lacecu’s human hair extension products 

The most famous hair extensions in the world are real hair extensions and synthetic extensions, also known as fake extensions. Real hair extensions provide a natural effect, and at New Lacecu, one of the best websites for buying hair extensions, you can choose from countless models, such as clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, weft hair extensions, and micro-link extensions. 

If you have curly hair, you can directly purchase curly hair extensions designed for women with curly hair. Curly hair extensions can be styled to achieve more defined or wavy curls.


Human Hair Extensions: the best choice for a natural effect 

Newlacecu sells human hair extensions in all colors, including vibrant ones like purple and blue extensions, as well as natural shades like brown extensions, red extensions, black human hair extensions, and blonde human hair extensions. All of New Lacecu’s extensions are washable, made with high-quality materials, and designed to last.

Each available model of human hair extension in the New Lacecu online store stands out for its application method or hair volume, with which a strand of extension is composed. To choose the best human hair extensions, remember to consider the length of the extensions you want to purchase based on the desired look. For any need, New Lacecu’s customer care is available to advise and guide you in choosing the ideal human hair extensions.


Ponytail Extension: ideal for creating updo hairstyles

For those who love long ponytails, ponytail extensions are the best option. Instead of applying extensions to the hair and fixing them permanently, ponytail extensions are already designed in a ponytail form. You simply gather your hair into a ponytail and secure the ponytail extension. This hair extension is highly recommended to create a perfect bun for special occasions.


Clip-In Hair Extensions: ideal for hair lengthening and long-lasting hold

Classic and well-known by now, clip-in hair extensions are the traditional method for applying extensions at the hair salon. Clip-in hair extensions are applied strand by strand using small clips, and they are secured by pressing the clip with a specially designed tool onto the natural hair.

The clip-in hair extensions duration usually ranges from 3 to 4 months. At the end of this period, the clip-in hair extensions tend to loosen, and it’s usually necessary to remove them because the natural hair growth starts to make them visible. Clip-in hair extensions are recommended for those who want to add permanent volume to their hair.


Tape-In Hair Extensions: the best adhesive extensions to preserve hair health

As the name suggests, tape-in hair extensions are attached to the hair strands at the root using an ultra-resistant adhesive without the need for additional glues. The tape-in hair extension technique allows for adding length and volume to natural hair without causing damage, as tape-in extensions do not require the use of glues or fabrics that can pull and harm the hair. New Lacecu’s tape-in hair extensions are available in different colors, lengths, and thicknesses, making them perfect for adapting to any hair type. They can be easily removed and reused without damaging the natural hair.


Weft Hair Extensions: what they are and how to apply them 

Weft hair extensions are artificial or natural hair strands sewn together in long strips. Weft hair extensions are applied as complete long strips and are then attached to the natural hair using clips, patches, or weaving techniques.

Weft hair extensions are a perfect solution for those who want to add length and volume to their hair without resorting to invasive techniques like keratin or braiding. It is important to purchase high-quality extensions to avoid damaging the hair. With the choice between artificial or natural hair, weft hair extensions can be customized to meet the needs of each individual, allowing for beautiful and healthy hair in a completely natural way.


Short Hair Extensions: created to add volume to your hair

Specifically designed for those with short hair who want to add volume, short hair extensions are made with real hair. It is not easy to find short hair extensions because, as the name implies, extensions are usually used as a method for hair lengthening. Only later did they start to be used for hair thickening, giving rise to hair extensions for thin hair and consequently, short hair extensions.

If you have short hair and want to purchase extensions specifically for short hair without buying the classic hair extensions, New Lacecu offers short hair extensions at unbeatable prices in different textures and colors. Short hair extensions are made from natural or synthetic hair, with the difference lying in their durability.

Natural hair extensions have a more natural effect and are difficult to recognize, while synthetic extensions are made with treated fibers that resemble natural hair but last for a shorter period of time.


Now you know everything about the different models of hair extensions available on the market, take a look at the New Lacecu online store and choose the best extensions for your new look!


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