Hair Supplements You Can Trust: Key Considerations, Ingredients & Top Brands

When it comes to finding a hair supplement that really works, it can be hard to tell who you can trust. Luckily, there are a few ingredients and nutrients you can look for that really work well. It also helps to see which brands have dermatologists backing them and attesting to their formulas, but it does not hurt to understand the top choices right away either. Those choices exemplify what you should look for.

Breaking Down the Ingredients

Hair growth serums often have an active ingredient list that reads like a botanical garden, but there are good reasons for this. Plants like peppermint, lavender, and olive trees all contain several of the vitamins and other compounds needed to encourage healthy hair growth. Kelp, for example, is often used as a source of keratin.

  • Collagen
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Biotin

There are several more compounds that help with hair growth, but these heavy hitters are essential, because they provide most of the building blocks for healthy hair. In addition to keratin and the items in the list, it’s a good idea to look for B vitamins and vitamin E. You will find both everyday hair supplements and growth serums make use of them, just in slightly different amounts.

Premier Brands for Your Health

There are a few brands that have been making waves for their effectiveness and usefulness for both sexes without causing unwanted side effects like hormonal changes. They follow through with formulations that avoid harsh chemicals known to cause issues for those with sensitive skin. It is important to remember, though, that any natural plant extracts could potentially affect a skin sensitivity, and to approach each one slowly to check for a reaction before using it full-time. Top brands today include Nutrafol, Essential Elements, and Wellbel Hair.

Each of these examples leads with ingredients that have been shown in study after study to encourage healthy hair growth that restores thickness and volume, and all of them have been shown to have visible results in the thirty to ninety day window. Beyond those similarities, they are different products. As an example, while Nutrafol’s effects are strong at 90 days, they tend to build slowly, while Wellbel Hair has strong results in the beginning that average out to a 90-day effect that is similar to the competition.

Choosing the right supplement for your hair will be a matter of weighing the evidence and checking out which options have the best ingredients for your needs. For example, if you already take a biotin supplement, a formula that leans hard into biotin may be less effective for you than one that provides more of the nutrients you are not supplementing. In addition to the ingredient list, you can learn more about how they work by checking out customer testimonials and reviews.

More Solutions for Your Skin and Hair

Hair growth formulas are only one of the many products that you can use to help keep your hair and skin consistently bright and healthy. 14 azelaic acid cream can also help support a skincare routine by reducing hyperpigmentation and decreasing the chance of acne outbreaks, for example. Start building your toolkit today so you can put your best look forward.

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