Handy Guide to Playing Slots in UK

Are you new to playing slots?

If yes, you need to first understand how they work. Additionally, all slots are not equal. Some of them offer a higher probability of winning, whereas others do not. Choosing such a slot is not an easy task. Today, however, we will solve the problem for you.

Our guide below will help you understand how to play slots. Additionally, it will share with you the top 3 best offline and slot online for UK players. The guide aims to handhold you through your slot playing experience.


How to play slot machines?

Let us start with the basics first.

Slot machines consist of reels. You need to spin the reels to play the game. The symbols on the reels, once they stop determine the amount of money you win. In slots you bet on a single symbol appearing across multiple reels.


As for the bets, they can start as low as £ 0.1 and go all the way up to £100. That is on per spin basis

In offline slots, there is only a single payline. Payline refers to the combination of symbols which entitles you to win. In online UK slots not on Gamestop, however, many slot games offer you unlimited pay lines. It means that you can bet on any combination of symbols. Once those are spun out, you win. It is one of the main advantages of offline slots.

The online slots not just help you in winning money but also bonus rounds and free spins. These increase your probability of winning money eventually. Before we go into the details of bonus rounds and free spins, it is essential to understand what type of symbols you are dealing with.

We will highlight the same below.

Slot Symbols:

The various type of slot symbols that you need to know about are:


  • Bonus symbols:

Whenever the reels spin out these symbols, you either get free spins or bonus games.


  • Cascading reels:

Cascading reels are only available in online slots. Let’s assume; you spin out of payline (winning combination). In that case, you would be winning the money. Once that happens, the winning line will disappear in a jiffy. Other symbols will fall in place. If these too result in a winning combination, you will win more money. The process continues until the new symbols are no longer the winning payline.


  • Coins:

Coins refer to the amount that you are betting on each payline. In online slots, you can bet on various pay lines. The cumulative number of points will decide the amount which you are betting on each spin.


  • Expanding wilds:

Expanding wild symbols are only available in some online slots. When these are visible after the reels are stopped, they expand to cover various pay lines. The gist of these symbols is that they create different winning combinations and therefore help you win. However, they are very rare.


  • Scatter symbols:

Scatter symbols uplift your gameplay. You will win money whenever you get the scatter symbol irrespective of the winning combination.


  • Free spins:

When you get three scatter signs, you can get free spins. The rules for free spins vary from one slot to another. The mentioned one is just an example.


  • Multipliers:

If you get the multiplier symbol on the reels after they stop, they can multiply your winning by a predetermined amount.

These are just the symbol types. In each slot, the exact type and placement of the symbols can vary.


Now that you are aware of the symbols and the basic concept of slots, we will summarise the playing procedure in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: You have to decide the amount to bet. In case of online slots, decide the payline (winning combination) to bet on.

Step 2: Push the lever down in case of offline slots or click a button in online slots to make the reels spin.

Step 3: Once the reels stop, the symbols in front of you will determine if you gain something or not. You can refer to our simple guide above to better understand how each symbol can benefit you.


That’s it!

Playing slots is not that difficult. You need to know the terminology to create a proper strategy.

Now that you are aware of the gameplay let us look at some of the places in the UK where you can play offline slots and also some of the best online slots for UK players.


Where can you play slots in the UK?

We will first start by sharing with you some of the most popular casinos in the UK. These offer various slot games.

  1. The Casino at the Empire:

The Casino at the Empire is situated in Leicester Square, London. The Casino is famous for its Las Vegas themed gambling games. When it comes to the United Kingdom, it is one of the busiest casinos.


With 40 slot machines, you have plenty of choices. They are progressive slots as well, which can help you win much more. With a bar and restaurant, you can gamble through your entire day and enjoy the experience at The Casino at the Empire.


  1. Aspers Casino:

Aspers Casino is the largest Casino in the UK. It is situated in Stratford city, London. With games spread over 65,000 ft. the number of options is virtually unlimited.

Just to put things in perspective, there are 150 slot machines on offer. In addition to that, you can opt for electronic gaming terminals, poker room, and various other games.

Aspers Casino is not just famous for its games but also its signature restaurant named Clary’s. In a nutshell, it offers the perfect gambling experience to players in the UK.


  1. Rainbow Casino:

Looking for something away from London?

If yes, Rainbow Casino is perfect for you. With its location in Edgbaston, you can enjoy gambling away from the hustle and bustle of London.

With 16 types of slot machines on offer, including video slots, the choices are plenty. There are progressive slot machines that can help you win up to € 10,000. The bets start at just 25p and can go all the way up to € 25.

The Clarendon restaurant at Rainbow casino can take care of all your culinary needs. The restaurant is famous for its seasonal menu. Thus, whether you’re looking for slot games, card games or good food, Rainbow Casino has it all.


When you’re in the UK, these are the three best casinos which you can visit to play offline slot games.

Want to play online slots from the comfort of your home?

Worry not!

We have lined up top 3 online slot games for UK players below.


Where can you play slots online in the UK?

There are quite a few options when it comes to online slots for UK players. Numerous online casinos allow UK players. The only bit of problem is that not all of them are credible enough. To make it easy you can find a list of licensed UK slots casinos at casinos.org.uk or use the list we have curated of witch we think is the top 3 options.


  1. Casimba Casino:

Casimba Casino has been around since 2017. Ever since then, the number of games which it offers is ever increasing.


Are you wondering about online slots?

It offers a 400 different slot games. Even if you plan to try out half of them, it will take a year to at least play the one for a few hours each day. That is the kind of options which you get. Some of the online slot game types which it offers are:


  • Video Slots
  • Progressive slots
  • And so on

However, that’s not all!

The Casino offers 27 different blackjack games, 15 live games, six types of poker, 14 roulette types. With so many options, there is no need to go with any other Casino.

To top it all, the Casino offers various welcome bonus and other promotions. The welcome bonus and other promotions make this Casino quite lucrative.

T&C’s apply to the Welcome bonus only new players and you must be over 18.



  1. CloudCasino.com:

Cloud Casino Games has become very popular due to its big selection of slots, and new players gets up to 150 extra spins and up to £400 when you deposit first time.

With over 600 online slot games to choose from, the choices are plenty. These include:

  • Progressive slot games
  • Classic slot games
  • Mobile slot games
  • Five reel slot games
  • Multiplier slot games
  • Live Dealers
  • And so on


The Cloud Casino has been around since 2016, and is fully UK licensed which ensures that you’re going with a reliable one. Also, the backing of a reputed name provides additional credibility.

Moreover, it offers various other games like bingo, blackjack, roulette, poker, and so on.

The Casino simply checks all the boxes, and that is why it is a reliable option to go with.

T&C’s apply to the Welcome bonus only new players and you must be over 18.


  1. Betway Casino:

Betway Casino is another Casino option for UK players. It offers over200 online slot games. The slot games are spread across various categories like:


  • Jackpot slots
  • Progressive slots
  • Classic slots
  • 5-reel slots
  • Video Slots


Additionally, it offers a variety of games like roulette, blackjack, table games, scratch cards, and so on. If you want to switch from online slots to any other game, it is certainly a possibility.

With 100% welcome bonus up to £250, it certainly is lucrative to join Betway Casino. In terms of track record, it has been around since 2006. The long history ensures that there is nothing to worry about.

T&C’s apply to the Welcome bonus only new players and you must be over 18.


These are the three best online casinos for UK players. All these offer a huge number of online slot games when you’re going with these casinos.


So, now that you are familiar with how online and offline slots work, it is time to enjoy the pleasures of the same. With your knowledge of various symbols and online slot games, you can undoubtedly win more with the right strategy. The options curated above are simply the best for UK players. It is time to try and win big rather than just hear about others winning by playing slot games.


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