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How Do I Create A Route On My iPhone?

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Are you an iPhone user and running a business that lies primarily on making deliveries from one destination to another?

You might have thought how it would be a lot more convenient if you could create a route that will accurately lead you to your destination instead of just relying on your iPhone’s map that can get pretty confusing at times.

While it’s not entirely impossible to optimize a route on your iPhone, here’s what we thought as easier ways for you to create a much better route that is easy to follow and highly precise.


Install an iOS Route Planner

Probably the easiest way to map out your destinations on your iPhone is by installing a route planning application. They provide clear directions and better track performance by coordinating with your existing Apple Map. One of the leading iOS route planners today is the Route4Me app. What’s great about Route4Me vs. Apple Maps is that the former application can optimize more than a single route simultaneously, whereas the latter can only suffice one destination. Route planners are great for delivery riders who often go from one area to another.

Not only will it help you with your deliveries, but route planners can also aid you in maximizing your profit and create an excellent investment for the flourishing of your business. So, install the right planner for you and start navigating your desired routes.


After installing, receive “stop” locations from your planner to your Apple Map.

After you’ve installed your preferred route planner and selected the areas that you’ll be navigating through, step two would be to pinpoint the exact locations of the places where you’ll be stopping. Keep in mind that not all route planners can conveniently coordinate with your Apple map, so make sure you’ve picked the correct one.

Route planners that can take more than one route also can notify your map of all the stops you’ll need to take in the entirety of your delivery. This way, you’ll be less likely to get distracted and get confused in delivering your products to different customers in differing areas.


Start operating on your Apple Map with the assistance of your route planner.

Because you have already indicated your customers’ respective locations and have also sent stops from your route planner to your Apple map, all that’s left to do is for you to start the navigation and enjoy a smooth trip with precise directions.

Let your customers receive their orders on time and save a lot of time, money, and effort on your end. As business owners, it is also essential to start thinking of clever ways to benefit your customers and help you keep up with public demands. Think of better investments that would be best for your business, and don’t be afraid to start exploring them.

You can now say goodbye to your usual navigation with your Apple Map that can only cater to one customer location. With the help of route planning applications, making your Apple Map work with many directions will be as easy as these three steps.

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