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How Google Voice Search Helps Online Casinos Take Advantage of Opportunities

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The world of online casinos benefits greatly from search engines and the queries that are entered into them.

Up until recently, search engines have always been text-based, i.e., you might type something such as ‘best online casinos in my country.’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) determines how high specific websites will appear in these search results, so it is a topic that is very much of interest within the competitive online casino industry.

Things are changing, though, and many people now choose to use voice recognition software on their devices to search for answers by asking questions directly. How does this help online casinos take advantage of opportunities? Read on to find out!


Voice Search Improves Organic Performance of Casinos

One of the best ways that online casinos are using voice search to their advantage is the fact that it allows online casino fans to ask more direct questions. Whereas in the past somebody might search for “best online casino in Sweden,” the natural feeling of using voice search may prompt somebody to ask, “What is the best online casino available in Sweden?”

This will result in a far greater hit rate due to the wording being more natural and less fragmented. As a result, users are more likely to find independent and high-quality results that compare casinos such as casino med bäst utdelning as opposed to direct results to the advertised casinos.


Voice Search Helps Make Casino Content Relevant

Voice search has found much of its success due to voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa. The average voice search is around 7 words in length, which is a perfect length to yield excellent search results. Due to this, it encourages online casinos to produce content that is relevant to these specific lengths of voice searches.

Ultimately, this technology shift has not only helped users access excellent search results through intuitive and natural means, but it also helps casinos improve their content and make it more relevant to natural requests.


Voice Search helps in the Process of Optimizing Online Casinos

The ease of voice search has provided a more convenient experience for search engine users than ever before. For this reason, people’s expectations have changed dramatically. In the past, we would settle for asking a question such as, ‘What is the best online slot website?’ and receiving a list of casinos two minutes later after the webpage has loaded.

This is simply not the case anymore – users want a much more natural and optimized experience. Check out the following list of expectations that web surfers have now that they did not have a few years ago.


List of Expectations Users Have due to Voice Search

  • Being able to search for answers to questions has increased the expectation of how quickly a website found in a result will load. This forces online casinos to optimize their website to load as quickly as the search results themselves.
  • The nature of asking a search engine a question gives the user the expectation that the search engine will give a coherent answer, not just a general result. This encourages online casinos to write question-based content, much like those found in FAQs.
  • Voice search has given users the expectation that their answer will not just be answered in general terms but to the search engine’s best ability. This means that online casinos now have to create much more specific content related to asked questions.


Overall, Google Voice Search has truly taken the SEO landscape by storm. The service has not only made for a much more convenient experience for online users, but it has also forced the online casino industry to optimize its content and change with the times. This keeps things relevant and is an excellent opportunity for them to take advantage of.

This is not going to go away, and if anything, it is going to become more and more prevalent. Some online casinos fear this and think it makes things much more complicated, but if only they realized how much it helps their business.

This article was written by Amy Martinsson – if you enjoyed it, feel free to check out more of her work!  We hope, after reading this article, you understand how voice search helps online casinos take advantage of opportunities – now go out there and try out Google Voice for yourself!


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