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How Southern Musicians Changed the Music Industry   

Suppose there is one thing that changes anyone’s mood instantaneously, its music.

If you are feeling extremely happy, on top of the world, and someone plays a Sarah Mclaughlan song, it will most likely bring your mood down. Of course, the same works in reverse, but a big question that people ask is: who creates the industry? What people make the songs that change my mood?

The south has had a big impact on the music industry, historically and in today’s modern music. Below is a list of ways that different bands have impacted the music industry.



Jazz music was one of the most influential genres of music in history, and it started in the deep southern roots of New Orleans. During World War, I Jazz music started making its impact in the south. Once it started in the south, it quickly grew up into big cities like Chicago and New York.

Jazz music was also a means to protest the prohibition. Illegal clubs in the south were open all night, playing jazz music and serving alcohol in the 1920s. Jazz was one of the most influential genres of music, and it started in New Orleans.



If you want to visit the epicenter of modern music, Nashville is the place to go. There is not one second of the day when live music isn’t playing in Nashville. Nashville was the birthplace of so many famous musicians; people who wanted to start country music went to Nashville.

There are record companies such as Thirty Tiger, Third Man Records, Dualtone Records, and many more. However, what makes this town so special are the musicians that live inside of it. These musicians not only impact the music within Nashville, but they also have an impact on the entire music industry.


Bands That Made Their Sound

What makes southern bands and music so unique is that musicians create their own sound. For example, Creedence Clearwater Revival, also known as CCR, is just one example of a band from the south that created their own sound. CCR took folk music and made its own gritty sound.

Musicians like CCR are what makes southern musicians so great. So many bands from the south create their own sounds, set trends, and change the standard of music throughout the entire music industry.

If music makes you feel a certain way every time you listen to it, then maybe looking into a career in music isn’t a bad idea. The music industry needs people who are dedicated and want to make an impact. These people are the ones that change the way people listen to music.

If changing career paths to something that you love to do is something you are interested in, taking a look at some Nashville houses for sale is a great first step. To be involved in the music industry, you have to be around where the music is being made.



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