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How to Choose a Cool Pendant Necklace For Men

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More men are wearing jewelry than ever before. As fashion norms shift, it’s becoming more common to see masculine usage of rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Sadly, there are a lot of men out there who want to wear things like necklaces but don’t know where to begin in terms of men’s fashion. Whether it’s the size or the type of pendant, there are a lot of considerations that can lead to decision fatigue.

However, as this article will point out, finding cool jewelry for men doesn’t need to be a headache. We’re going to walk you through how to pick the perfect pendant necklace for men. That way, you can be confident in whatever style choices you choose to make.


Think About the Message You Want to Send

It’s not uncommon for necklaces and their accompanying pendants to tell a story. For example, if you have a dream catcher pendant on your necklace, it might be a symbol of your Native American background.

Or, if you wear a cross pendant, you’re saying something about your religious beliefs. An attention-grabbing gold chain with a money symbol pendant might show the value you place on wealth. When you’re selecting a pendant necklace, think about the message you want to send with it.

Do you want to look like a tough guy? Or do you want the necklace to say something about your background or values? There are no right or wrong answers.

However, it is something to consider. That way, you’re more attached to the necklace and the message behind it.


Consider What You’ll Wear With It

This is important for two reasons. First, it helps determine the length and width of the necklace. For example, if you want to wear the pendant necklace on top of your shirt, you’re going to want a longer length.

However, if you plan on wearing it under your shirt, then a smaller size with a gold or silver chain is perfect for peeking through. If you want a summer look, consider going for hemp or leather material.

This complements most outfits while also remaining lightweight. You don’t need to think too hard about color combinations when shopping for a necklace. However, some combinations like gold or silver metal on top of black, are always going to look classic.


Match the Necklace With the Pendant

Some necklaces for men come with pendants already on them. Others allow you to add your own men’s style to the necklace. If you’re adding your own, make sure to match the style of the pendant with the necklace.

For example, an imposing silver skull might not match with a colorful rainbow bead necklace. However, if you put it on a silver chain, then it will look right at home.

If you have a specific pendant in mind, make sure to consider this when shopping for the necklace.


Pick a Necklace Width and Length

There are many different lengths and widths to choose from. If you want something that can be casually hidden under your shirt, go with a small length like 35-45 cm.

Or if you want your pendant to be a total attention-grabber, go with the longer option 61-76 cm. Any size in between these is a good middle ground. In terms of width, just make sure that it’s not too thick to distract from your pendant.

You also need to think about comfort with width. If it’s too thick it might start to feel heavy on your skin after a few hours.


Cool Ideas for a Pendant Necklace for Men

Not sure what pendant you want for your necklace? There are an endless array of options to choose from.

However, if you can’t find one that fits your style, consider going to one of the classics. These are some of our favorite types of men’s necklace pendants out there.


Religious Pendants

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow. There’s a pendant out there representing your faith with a religious symbol. For Christians, a cross is an obvious option. Jewish people can represent their faith with the iconic Star of David.

Or, if you follow Islam, then look for pendants that depict the Koran or the name of Allah. These pendants are a great reminder, both to yourself and others, of your faith.


Skull Pendants

Feeling a little edgy? Skull pendants are a hallmark of goth and emo styles. They are also often associated with motorcyclists and similar tough-guy looks. Best of all, there are tons of unique skull pendant designs out there.

If you want a great option, make sure to check out this website for skull jewelry.


Dog Tags

Dog tags have long been used as a form of identification in the military. If you served, then you might want to take your original dog tag and place it on a separate necklace chain.

However, you don’t need to be in the military to rock a dog tag. If you like the look of this pendant, consider getting a custom one.

You can get scripture, quotes, or names engraved on it to remind you about important things in your life.


Anchor Pendants

Anchors are often associated with the ocean. However, pendants that represent them can take on a new meaning.

For many people, they’re a symbol of stability and safety. There’s also often a message of hope associated with anchors that make them a great pendant for necklaces.


Coin Pendants

In many cultures, a coin pendant on a necklace has a positive effect on the wearer. They can bring fortune and luck to the person when they need it most.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of coin pendants, they still look great on most people.


Keep Exploring for More Style Content

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect pendant necklace for men. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to not overthink your decision.

If you’re drawn to a certain type of pendant necklace, don’t question it. Where you like and own the look. Not only will you rock a cool necklace, but you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin.

Don’t want this article to end? We don’t blame you! Keep reading through our website to find similar ones you’ll also love.

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