How to Choose a Personal Injury Claim Lawyer

On average, the emergency room will see roughly 35 million patients for injuries each year. But what happens if you’re one of these people, and your injury occurred while on vacation? Who do you call?

Your best bet is to contact an injury claim lawyer as soon as you get home from vacation. However, there are things to consider when selecting the right personal injury claim lawyer for you.

To learn what to look for when choosing an attorney, keep reading. We’ll discuss what to look for as you embark upon the personal injury claim process.



The first thing to look for is an experienced injury claim lawyer. Ask them how long they’re been practicing, what their client success rate is, and how confident they feel handling your case.



Another item to consider is how you’ll pay your attorney. Does this attorney want a retainer, or do they plan to be paid on a contingency? If you’re wondering what the difference is, we’ll break it down:


Paid on Retainer

Retainer agreements are a monetary amount you pay up-front to cover legal expenses. This depends on your lawyer’s hourly rate, how much time they expect to put into your case, etc.

Not everyone has the money to pay upfront, which is why they may consider paying their attorney after their case settles. This is determined by your attorney and is often based on how strong of a case you have. It’s known as paying an attorney on contingency.


Paid on Contingency

When paying a lawyer on contingency, they’re stating you’ll pay them once you collect money for your personal injury claim. After that, you’ll pay your lawyer their percentage, covering any upfront costs they paid on your behalf.

Luckily, payouts from personal injury lawsuits are non-taxable. An attorney such as can help you with your personal injury claim.



Does the attorney you plan to use have any reviews? You can check them out online, or ask for references to contact. If you’d rather use an attorney with a track record you can personally check out, ask friends and family members for recommendations.

You can also use The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry to search and research attorneys throughout the country.


Avoid Solicitation Letters

If an attorney’s office sends you solicitation letters, you may want to be wary of them. Many attorneys work off of client referrals and don’t need to solicit their services after you’ve been in an accident. Solicitation letters are usually a sign that an attorney’s office is struggling to get referrals, so you may want to look elsewhere.


Choosing an Injury Claim Lawyer

Now that you know what to look for when choosing an injury claim lawyer, it’s time to make some phone calls. If you’ve been injured on vacation, there’s no need to suffer more than you already have. A personal injury lawyer can help you recoup what you lost, so call one today.

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