How to Create a Gaming Room

Your home shouldn’t just be a place where you eat, sleep and wash – it should ideally also provide a space for leisure activities. For millions of people in the UK, this means gaming of one sort or another. Whatever games you’re into, you’ll be able to get more enjoyment from them if you’re in a room that’s been designed with gaming in mind.

Let’s take a look at how we might approach the task of creating the ultimate sanctuary for time spent gaming.


Setting a budget

If you give yourself free reign to spend as much as you want on your hobbies, then it’s extremely easy to go way, way over the top. This goes especially if you’re dedicated the whole room to gaming.

But you don’t want to go too far, and risk financial trouble and stress over something that should be an antidote to stress. Therefore, work out how much you have to spend, and devise a budget accordingly.

If you’re planning on streaming, then your budget might be especially tight. In some cases, you’ll be able to stream directly from the device that you’re gaming on. If you’d like something dedicated, then you can usually save money by going second-hand.



Staring at a bright screen in a dark room is bad for your eyes, and it will eventually make you depressed. If you’d like a fun background to your gaming space, then you might run a range of LED strips on the walls behind you. The best ones will react to the action onscreen, so that your peripheral vision accents the gaming experience.

Of course, going for warm shades of white and yellow tends to make for the most inviting space. With that said, you can pick whatever colours you like. If purples and greens appeal to you, then by all means use them!



You don’t want your gaming space cluttered – and the chances are very good that it will become cluttered, given enough time. Of course, having a few decorative items lurking around can help to provide the room with some much-needed character. You might have an eight-inch figuirine of your favourite games character lurking on your shelves, or your PC case.

Being surrounded by this sort of thing can make dusting the space extremely tricky. Give yourself a built-in storage solution, and make a schedule for dusting. Bespoke bookcases work very nicely, and they’re a must in awkward spaces with sloping roofs. Taking care of your gaming space for a few minutes each week will allow you to enjoy it that much more. And, if you’re putting a camera in there, it’ll make you appear that little bit tidier to your audience!

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