How to Match Your Shoes with the Dress – Tips Every Girl Should Know

Would you pick fifty pairs of shoes or a diamond ring if you had to pick?

Which option will you choose?

 Think less; the solution is obvious. Sorry, there are no rewards for guessing, but I will choose the pumps if you ask me. Didn’t you see that coming? And I’m aware that most ladies would exchange their diamonds for an extensive collection of shoes for women.

Moreover, I know that ladies are ridiculed for the same reasons, primarily because men do not comprehend the mental mapping and brainstorming we engage in to coordinate our shoes with our attire.

Yes, there is a lot more than first appears, and yes, I’m here to talk about it all. You only need to get the fundamentals right; it’s not rocket science. Consequently, this article will teach you how to pair all of  your shoes from flats to heels or even rubber ankle boots with your clothing.

Said, there are advantages to wearing a dress and shoes that match. It makes choosing an outfit much simpler in the first place and also lends almost anything you’re wearing an unexpected gloss.

Color Combination with Shoes:

The rules of style are evolving. The time when it was ultra-chic to match every aspect of your attire is long gone. Therefore, matching your shoes to your dress is no longer incredibly chic unless the dress is black. By all means, give it just a try, but don’t go overboard because it’s a trend headed for the exit. A hearty “yes” to complimentary color!


The surprising aspect in this situation is minimal, but black works with everything. Buy a few pairs of black sandals as a result. Boots, stilettos, pumps, or wedges—these footwear options have come a long way and will be your rainy-day saviors. Or if you’re trying a new model for the first time, black is the color to go with!

Choosing the right color for your outfit is almost as crucial as picking what shoes to wear. Although black complements almost every other color, adding a splash of another color can be significant.


Have you ever heard of this? Your feet are known to appear more extended when you’re naked. Doesn’t it sound silly to you? Although that may not be true in the strictest sense, fashion is all about deception and fantasy.

You should buy them if you haven’t already since they were long ago included in the list of essentials for your shoe closet. If your dress is swanky or excessively adorned, go for the nude look to create a balance unless you want it to increase the shine.

Color blocking:

The standards of style are changing shoes for women. It’s no longer considered to be ultra-chic to coordinate every component of your outfit. So, unless the dress is black, matching your shoes to your outfit is no longer incredibly fashionable. Give it a shot without hesitation, but don’t go crazy because this fad is waning. I wholeheartedly endorse complementary color!

I am concerned that you’ll appear too evenly matched? As a beginning point, pick just one hue. Then, for a thoroughly contemporary style, seek pieces in colors that are just slightly different from one another.


Animal designs are a significant fashion statement that instantly upgrades your appearance. Imagine donning a basic black T-shirt, skinny trousers, and an LBD with the same or a pair of patterned shoes. It makes the perfect pair. However, keep everything else muted and understated if your sandals are printed. Do not overload the entire outfit with these. Don’t miss out on the massive popularity of prints and patterns!

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