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How to Strengthen a Mobile Signal?

Despite the fact that the development of mobile communications continues rapidly, each of us has encountered a situation where the signal on a mobile phone is very weak or absent altogether. This state of affairs may turn out to be critical; you may miss an important call from loved ones, or your potential client simply will not get through to you. Such problems most often occur outside the city, in remote areas, where the density of base stations is less than in large populated areas. Fortunately, mobile signal problems can be solved by using Tesco, Vodafone, or Three mobile signal boosters.

How Does a Mobile Signal Booster Kit Work?

The main task that a mobile communication booster kit solves is transmitting a signal from an area of reliable or average reception to an area where the signal is weak or completely absent. For example, outside the city near your house, the signal is average, but in the house, it is very weak or completely absent.

The mobile signal booster kit consists of:

  • Outdoor antenna
  • Repeater
  • Power divider
  • Indoor or multiple antennas
  • Special cable assembly

An outdoor antenna is mounted outside the premises on the roof or facade of the house and is directed to the tower of the mobile operator. It picks up the signal and transmits it via a high-frequency cable to a repeater, which is located in the house. The signal is amplified using a repeater and transmitted to a power divider, and from there, it is directly distributed to indoor antennas indoors. A zone of reliable reception is formed around the entire perimeter and your mobile devices operate without loss. From mobile phones, the signal also goes in the reverse order and there is a continuous exchange of data.

Strengthening a Mobile Signal in a Country House

The main reason why there are places outside the city with uncertain mobile reception is that base stations are located at a great distance from each other. If your home is located at a great distance from the base station, then in this case it is preferable to choose a booster that operates at a low frequency, for example, 800 or 900 MHz. This frequency spreads over long distances, which means that the probability of picking up the signal with an external antenna is very high. The 900 MHz frequency is the most common frequency in the field of mobile communications, almost all operators operate on it.

The 800 MHz frequency is used for mobile Internet transmission in the LTE 800 (4G) standard and is supported by major mobile operators in the UK. A signal on this frequency can be transmitted over a distance of up to 13 km.

Two communication standards operate at a frequency of 900 MHz: GSM-900 (2G) and UMTS-900 (3G). Thus, if you use a mobile booster that operates at 900 MHz, you will be able to improve not only mobile communications but also mobile Internet in the 3G standard.

In case your house is located near the base station, then there is a chance that the connection may work at a higher frequency of 1800 MHz or 2100 MHz. In this way, the Internet in the 3G standard (UMTS-2100), as well as high-speed Internet in the LTE-1800 (4G) standard and voice communications in the GSM-1800 (2G) standard with wider bandwidth can become available.

Strengthening The Mobile Signal In The Flat

In the city, subscribers of mobile operators may also encounter poor signal reception. Most often, this problem is encountered in new buildings in new residential areas, where the infrastructure of operators has not yet been developed. The peculiarity of signal amplification in a flat is that you should focus on higher communication frequencies. As a rule, in a large city, there are 3G and 4G frequencies in addition to the GSM communication standard.

It is important to understand that modern smartphones automatically select frequencies from the 3G and 4G communication standards, even if the signal is weak. Surely, you have encountered the problem of the disappearance of the interlocutor on the line, at a time when the connection does not disconnect, but you do not hear the person on the other end or they do not hear you. At this moment, a switch occurs from a higher frequency to a lower and more stable frequency.

Strengthening The Mobile Signal In an Office, Warehouse, or Industrial Area

It is always important for any institution that employees and especially managers are in touch. The lack of a high-quality connection leads to the loss of customers, failed transactions, and unpleasant consequences for the business. If your office is located on the ground floor, then the mobile signal may not be reliable. The same situation usually occurs in industrial zones. The abundance of metal structures from which warehouses and modular office buildings are built negatively affects signal reception, reflects it, and creates powerful interference. In these cases, the use of Tesco, Vodafone, or Three mobile signal boosters is mandatory. To solve problems at such facilities, the main criteria will be the area of the territory where it is necessary to strengthen the signal, as well as the number of subscribers who need to improve the quality of mobile communications.

Why Do You Need to Determine the Frequency Range?

When installing Tesco, EE, and Virgin boosters, it is important to determine the frequency range. Why do you need to define this parameter? This procedure is necessary in order to achieve maximum efficiency and quality of signal reception at your location.

The fact is that there are kits that support one frequency, and there are kits that support several frequencies, and the difference in their cost is significant. If in your location the connection only works at a frequency of 1800 MHz, then buying a kit that supports other frequencies simply does not make sense. This way, you can solve the problem of poor mobile signal reception while saving a lot of money.

You can contact professionals who will help you measure the frequency range and select the right equipment.

Final Thoughts

The impact of a stable connection on successful business, communication, and entertainment is enormous. Therefore, it is so important to provide home, production, and other locations with stable communications. In case of problems with signal strength, it is recommended to use boosters. You can turn to UCtel, which has impressive experience in providing services to improve the signal of Three, Tesco, Virgin, and other British operators.

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