How to Use Sex Toys

There are many different sex toys available today, and this offers a fantastic opportunity to give you as many alternatives to choose from for some toy-assisted pleasure. However, while all these perks are attractive, people can encounter challenges when buying a toy after walking up and down a sex shop brimming with accessories that promise to cause an orgasm at your local sex shop. There are numerous options and it is crucial to know which is ideal for you and, more importantly, effective ways to use them.

Despite the fact sex toys constitute some of the most often used self-care items today, many people are unsure of how to use them properly. This is not a big concern if you continue to satisfy your desires with your toy as everyone utilises sex toys in different ways. But this post is for you if you’ve already bought a toy or are considering doing so and want to understand everything there is to know about the type of sex toy. Continue reading as we explain the most popular sex toy categories and how to avoid them.

1.   External Vibrators

You must be wondering why external vibrators are part of the most popular kinds of vibrators. External vibes, ranging from bullet and pebble vibrators to clitoral stimulators and more significant wand vibrators, are intended for the region beyond the vagina, particularly the clitoris. While you can use particular external vibrators internally, they can be too little to implant safely or do not have the appropriate structure for placement in the body.

In accordance with the size of the vibrator, you can use an external sex toy by placing it between your fingers or in your palm. Locate your clitoris and gently stroke the toy as well as the top, bottom, and on either side. Everyone will discover how to apply a bullet vibrator and different external sex toys uniquely, so experiment to find out what works best for you.

You can also place it somewhere other than just on the clitoris. Some people may find it more enjoyable to put the toy below, on, and on the pubic mound. Also, look into the attachments. Numerous external vibrators include suitable extensions that allow users to experiment with various stimulation modalities.

2.   Internal Vibrators

Internal vibrators come as everyday sex objects like G-spot stimulators. These vibrators’ main target is the vagina, much as the external vibrators’ major foci are the vulva’s outer part, the area closest to the clitoris, and the vulva’s aperture. Their primary function is to activate the G-spot, approximately two knuckles on the front wall that faces your vagina. The region presumably has a little rougher feel than normal vaginal tissue.

Most internal vibrators resemble little rods with ribs on the edges to increase friction in the vagina. They also often include a bent end intended to touch your G-spot precisely. Now is also the time to know what lube is.

It will be crucial in this situation because numerous individuals, even when stimulated, don’t secrete enough oil from their bodies to create pleasant sensations. Apply a generous amount of the gel to your internal vibrator and, if you’d like, also to your vagina and vulva.

Then, cycle through the settings with the vibrator at a comfortable location. Begin with the most minor settings and experiment to find what feels comfortable.

3.   Dildos

Many reports and studies show that dildos are among the most common and versatile sex toys present today. People prefer to think about these pleasure pals when they wish to discover ways to explore them. The most common dildos are scaled, colored, and fashioned to resemble penises. They frequently have inflated characteristics, like synthetic veins or somewhat enlarged heads, to increase stimulation.

The bottom of many dildos also flared, making it more straightforward for the user to control, enter, and exit the vagina or even the anus. These bottoms can also double as suction cups attached to bathtubs and walls for usage in other contexts, such as having sex in the shower. Certain dildos are manual, while others use motors that vibrate or thrust to evoke the sensation of penetrating intercourse.

First off, lubricate your dildo in significant quantities, and be ready to apply more moisturizer as needed. So, how you utilize your pleasure pal is genuinely up to you. You can use it in different motions, whether inside and out, in waves, upwards and downwards, or even in circles. You can also hold it in one spot and use a different toy to stimulate other locations, like the clitoris.


Using sex toys is a completely respectable and healthy pastime so it makes no sense for people to shame anyone for using them.

Orgasm and self-pleasure have various advantages for different people, no matter their age, sexual preference, or gender. Sex toys are all about assisting people in achieving their goals, which range from reducing stress to alleviating menstrual cramps and even making people find better ways to be joyful.

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