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ITY Cosmetics Surprise the US Market: the Lip Clay is Your 2023 Must-Have



The innovative beauty brand, INTO YOU, has recently launched its North American product line, ITY Cosmetics, featuring the standout product known as Lip Clay.

What sets this lip product apart is its departure from typical liquid lip glosses. ITY Cosmetics’ Lip Clay boasts a unique semi-solid texture that feels dry but turns silky-smooth on your lips. This innovation provides a long-lasting, ultra-matte makeup look with rich and vivid color. You can also use it as blush or eyeshadow, achieving a flawless monochromatic makeup look that lasts all day.




K-POP Lovers’ Picks:

At KCON LA 2023, ITY Cosmetics showcased its Lip Clay collection, captivating thousands of K-pop fans and beauty enthusiasts. Attendees had the opportunity to receive ITY gift bags, try out the brand’s star Lip Clay product on-site, and create their unique lip imprints on cards. The Lip Imprint Wall became a canvas for confident self-expression, featuring an array of lip imprints from individuals representing diverse backgrounds and skin tones.

Making a Mark at KCON LA 2023:

ITY Cosmetics’ debut at KCON LA 2023 not only caught the attention of the North American market but also drew the interest of fellow exhibitors during the event. This three-day gathering served as a platform for ITY Cosmetics to engage in meaningful face-to-face interactions with other beauty brands, industry professionals, and local media.




Shining at New York Fashion Week:

The brand continued to rise at New York Fashion Week, where it collaborated with 3.1 Phillip Lim’s runway show. Using ITY Cosmetics’ multi-purpose Lip Clay, the subtle monochromatic makeup looks earned industry acclaim.

As ITY Cosmetics continues to make its mark in North America, the global beauty community eagerly awaits its future innovations and contributions to the industry. This Asian-inspired beauty brand has truly earned its place in the spotlight. Don’t hesitate to get your first-ever Lip Clay at

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