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La Carte 24 serves; Versace for men’s latest collection

La Carte 24 serves as a well-known name known in the fashion industry. We offer a huge range of men’s products such as “Versace for men.” All the outfits and products are highly related to the current fashion trend. Our wardrobe shows tradition & perfection along with classical touch.

24S presented a wide range of state-of-the-art services such as; express shipping to more than 100 countries, ensuring 24-hour delivery to New York, London, and Milan, furthermore, exact-day delivery within Paris. Our brand’s customer service team is always available to assist you in all the ways. Our expert personal stylists for Men are at your disposal for ultimate tailored selections. If you are going to shop for anything, we recommend the products according to your fashion taste & current trend.

We are committed to providing you with elegant men’s wear items. It’s a complete wardrobe from which you can pick all the things you are looking for. Our prices are market compatible. We provide good but premium quality. You won’t regret it once after using the items from our unique brand. Just wear Versace for men and rock!

What is in Versace for men’s latest collection?

Now let’s look at the men’s products that are offered in our collection, Versace for men. Let’s explore the men’s trendy products and be a part of the Versace family.


In this category, you’ll get beautiful and classy men’s accessories—world-class fashion designers design all the products. You won’t get these types of trendy accessories anywhere else. You are in the one-stop-shop, where you can get all types of men’s accessories. Let’s level up your style and personality with the latest accessories of Versace. You’ll get great caps, chains, cardholders, belts, lockets, bracelets, rings, metal accessories, wallets, purses, cufflinks, socks, pendant necklaces, and leather accessories. If you want to glamorize your personality, you can choose Versace for the men’s collection.


You’ll get a huge range of Jewellery in different metals in this category. Most of the top-class necklaces are inspired by Greece designs. In this style, you’ll get a lot of Jewellery. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, and cufflinks are the most common examples from this group. You’ll get it all under one roof no matter what kind of fashion taste you have.

Ready to wear;

Do you want to go anywhere special suddenly and want to dress up properly? In our Versace men’s collection, you’ll get extraordinary ready-to-wear items. You don’t need to go anywhere else, join us on our site and shop for what you like. Just order, get it and wear it. In this section, you’ll get different shirts, pants, sweaters, shorts, tee-shirts, jackets, and bombers. You’ll avail our silk luxuries collection to enhance your charm at any party or event.


We have a huge bag collection as well. Here you’ll get different sizes of premium bags according to your taste. Small bags, medium bags, backpacks, and pouches are available in this category. These bags are specifically designed according to men’s fashion, which is the trend nowadays. Pack your accessories, products, and essential items with you, and go where you want. Explore the world with style and innovation.


Shoes are a necessary product that plays a great role in improving your personality. Without perfect shoes, your dressing is nothing; in our shoe category, you’ll get all types of footwear items in this group. Men’s sneakers, boots, slippers, sandals, and slides are available on our online store. The shoe items we provide are affordable for people of different social standards.

Our Designers for Men are;




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