Living on a budget – how to be fashionable and not break the bank

For some people, looking good can be incredibly important. However, it can be all too easy to be swayed by the number of different brands and products on offer. This could see you wasting a lot of money, especially if you find it difficult to keep those impulses at bay. Learning how to better live on a budget, and find less expensive ways to look fashionable, could help you to minimise these costs.

Set up a savings account

One of the simplest ways to make your budget go further can be to use a savings account. When you apply for an ISA with Wealthify, you can then save up to the maximum yearly limit, as stated by the provider, and gain interest on that amount. Leaving your money to build up over the next 12 months may mean that, when you want to change your wardrobe or replace beauty products, you are able to do so with a pot of cash larger than in previous years. You may want to consider starting to prioritise saving money when you get paid, rather than looking for what to spend any excess on, to really make this work.

Look in the pharmacy

It can be difficult to know which makeup products to buy when there are so many on offer. You might not need to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest designer items to be able to look good. Trialling some of the makeup sold in pharmacies could help you to find products which meet the needs of your skin, and desired look, for less than you might think. Some of these items may be tens, or hundreds, cheaper than their designer counterparts, freeing up some of your funds. There may be times when you find similar items with a slight reduction in quality. Adjusting the amount you use, and the way that these are applied could help to still give you that flawless finish.

Turn away from celebrity culture

You may follow some of your favourite celebrities on social media, and that can be quite normal. However, their posts could be influencing your spending habits. A number of celebrities may gain an income via posting sponsored articles that advertise different products. When you see these, it’s important to remember that your chosen icon may not even use these products normally, so be cautious about buying things. Thinking for yourself, and figuring out what you feel you look best in, could help to cut down on unnecessary spending, as well as buyer’s remorse following the event.

Living within a budget doesn’t mean you need to completely ignore your fashionable side. Instead, it can allow you to think more about your purchases before making them, find cheaper alternatives, and even look for ways to build up your funds. In doing so, you may be able to seek out products and items that genuinely fit your aesthetic, and have more money aside for other aspects of your life.


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