Marie White – Sleepwalking – Video Premiere

For fans of emotionally driven music, you’ll find pieces of yourself in Marie White’s swimming vocal narratives.


Winner of Glastonbury’s 2019 Emerging Artist competition, Marie White has been solidly crafting her music career over the years. Her latest single, Sleepwalking, is the type of song you can sing to yourself during difficult life moments as a sort of mantra. The lyrics are incredibly raw, intimate, and relatable, as Marie artfully unfolds a tale of lovers that feels all too familiar.


Accompanying her beautiful lyrics is an equally stunning music video, filled with sweeping visuals and emotional overtones. In the Sleepwalking video, premiering exclusively today with 1883 Magazine, two masked dancers perform contemporary choreography around one another. The background is a gloomy, gorgeous view of the sea in Devon—a location that masterfully captures the vulnerable essence of the vocals. The video, like the single, is heartfelt. As you watch and listen along it feels as though time in the present slips away and you’re transported into the video along with the dancers.


Marie White’s vocal delivery is sultry and alluring—you hang off each syllable she sings. When you listen to the song you begin to feel a lump forming in your throat, as if you’re about to cry and can’t quite hold it off, which is exactly what White wants from her music. “Oh I’d like there to be a few tears,” she says. “I’d like people to cry a little bit!” And cry you will as you watch the dancers move into and away from each other as Marie croons in the background. Sleepwalking is the type of song and music video you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again.


Check the video for ‘Sleepwalking’  below.

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Intro by Sam Cohen

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