Marketing or Psychology? What attracts us to Online Gaming and Online Casinos?

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The Internet has substantially influenced many elements of our lives. It has altered our work, shopping, and, of course, gambling habits. What was formerly considered a dubious practice is now the norm. Every year, the online gaming and online casino market expand and flourish. But how have the best online casinos and gaming companies managed to attract so many customers despite the fierce competition in the industry? Let’s find out!

The Use of Psychology in Online Casinos

Visual stimuli and psychology are essential tools that casinos use to attract players and keep them engaged for extended periods. In fact, since online casinos do not have a physical presence, they heavily rely on psychological tactics to ensure that their players spin the reels at the best online slots for a long time. So, how do casinos implement psychological tactics to attract players?

The prevalent psychological strategy used by online casinos to attract players is their use of colors. Research shows that colors psychologically influence people as certain hues elicit specific emotions. The perfect example of this is the use of traffic lights. The red, yellow, and green lights are used worldwide and have the same meaning to road users. As a result, this shows that our reaction to hues is universal, regardless of your culture, race, or location in the world.

Therefore, online casinos use the fact that our brains unconsciously react to different colors in the same way to their advantage. But, they are not the only ones who use these tactics. Online gaming companies, online merchant businesses, and other internet-based companies use the same psychological tactic. As a result, you are unconsciously attracted to these businesses and want to engage with them more and more.

So, which colors are often used by online gaming businesses and casinos to entice gamers and what are their psychological effects? The section below has more information on this.

Warm Colors

It is common to find that most online casinos and games use warm colors, those on the red spectrum, as their primary pallet. This is because warm colors are generally affiliated with passion, comfort, aggression, and strength. Basic warm colors include red, yellow, and orange. Alternatively, cool colors are often avoided in the online business as they are usually associated with sadness, calmness, and peace, while darker shades might even be depressing.

As a result, most successful gambling companies and software providers prefer using red, yellow, and green since they have a universal effect and unconsciously attract attention while passing a message. These colors are common in online casinos for the same reason they are used in traffic lights worldwide; our brains are wired to respond to these colors in a specific way. Below is a quick breakdown of the meaning of different colors often used in online games and online casinos:

  • Red: Attracts attention and encourages us to continue playing. When used with yellow, it amplifies this effect by giving a ‘stop and see’ reaction
  • Green: Since it conveys a message of ‘proceed’ universally, this hue increases the chances of a player clicking on a specific game. It also implies money and relaxation
  • Blue: Evokes a sense of trust
  • Purple: Brings about a calming effect
  • Orange: Most’ deposit’ and ‘spin’ buttons are in this hue since it attracts attention
  • Black: This hue is a sign of luxury and power. It is commonly used to show VIP player clubs, exclusive bonuses, or VIP games

Casino Design Tactics

Another psychological tactic that online games and casinos use to attract customers is design. If you are a loyal online gambler, you likely have noticed that jackpot data in progressive online slots are always displayed at the top left side of the reels? This is because of human reading habits.  A 2009 research report by Jakob Nielsen revealed that humans start reading printed materials, like books and newspapers, from the page’s upper left corner and work our way down in a Z-like pattern.

Similarly, the study showed that when people read digital information, they begin with the upper left corner of the digital page and work their way down in an F-like pattern. Thus, it is safe to say that information published at the top left corner of any digital or physical reading material catches our attention the most.

Therefore, this is why you will find that everything in an online casino or game meant to catch our attention is always positioned at the top left corner. Whether it is minimum deposit bonus offers or a sign-up button for new users, or even a limited duration promotion for loyal players, their information and call-to-action buttons are often in the upper left corner of the site’s official webpage.

In addition, these companies ensure that their users can easily access and use their platforms by creating a user-friendly casino site design and layout. These businesses do everything from immersive graphics to high-quality structure, easy navigation, and exceptional sound quality to lure millions to their platforms.


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How Do Online Casinos Use Marketing Strategies to Attract More Customers?

Marketing is another way that the online gaming industry entices customers and keeps them hooked for the long run. Since the Internet has become the primary source of information globally, online casinos have mastered the art of grabbing their customers’ attention and directing them to their sites. In the section below, we will look at common marketing strategies that the best online games and top online casinos use to entice players and keep them coming back again and again.

  • Modern Marketing Tactics

Modern marketing tactics play a significant role in attracting customers to casino sites and online games. It is common to find these companies using interactive marketing strategies, like SEO optimization, contextual advertising, target email marketing, or even affiliate marketing, to attract attention from customers directly.

Social media marketing is vital in marketing online casinos and games. By providing content to engage with potential customers or using popular influencers to put in a good word for your gambling company, you are likely to attract more customers. In addition, reputable online casinos often consult casino marketing specialists to find unique ways of connecting to customers and remain relevant in the industry.

  • Special Offers

One of the reasons why millions love to gamble online is because of the special offers they get once they register at a new site? But did you know that this is another marketing strategy? Online businesses know that people love freebies. As a result, they offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions to new and loyal players to lure them to keep playing on their site. From welcome bonuses to free play chips to minimum deposit bonuses to free spins to VIP clubs to no deposit bonuses, the list of special offers from online casinos is endless.

  • Offer Variety

Over the years, online casinos have become more popular than their land-based counterparts. Among the reasons behind this is because they offer a wide range of games for players to enjoy. Due to the technological advancements employed by reputable software providers, the best online gambling platforms offer players a massive selection of games. You can find everything from online slots to classic table games to the latest video poker titles to live dealer options on these platforms.


As you can see, marketing and psychology play equal parts in attracting players to a gambling site. Casinos have been using both techniques to lure players and stay on top of their competition for decades. With that in mind, you should always ensure that you stay on top of the game by knowing what is going on, even as you play online games. Remember always to play responsibly and have fun!

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