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Massages you need to try in 2023

Have you been feeling tired, stressed, tense, or in pain lately? You might want to consider getting a massage at a professional spa centre. There are lots of types of treatments available, each targeting a different issue. This article by Lake District Spa is your guide to the most popular types of massages that have been helping people around the world. Take a look at what these are down below.


Crystal healing massages

A crystal healing massage refers to professionals placing different kinds of crystals as well as minerals on the patient’s body while massaging them. The actual massage isn’t really different from a standard one. It’s the atmosphere that changes for people that receive this type of treatment.

It is considered that such crystals and minerals have various healing properties. Some benefits include the releasing tension, stress, and pain, ensuring complete relaxation, and encouraging energy flow in the body. The term itself – crystal healing massage – has been searched a lot this year, so you can only imagine the continuing popularity in 2023.


Lymphatic drainage facials

Lymphatic drainage massages have been popular for a while now. This type of treatment is meant to encourage the body’s lymphatic system to get rid of toxins and any excess water by moving fluids to lymph nodes located in necks, armpits, and groynes.

The benefits of this massage include the improvement of your circulation and the reduction of puffiness and swelling. When done to the face, the treatment improves facial definition and gets rid of puffiness under the eyes.


Light therapy facials

Another type of facial that has been increasing in popularity especially in the last few months is the light therapy one. The treatment is widely regarded as one the most transformative treatments around. This is because the facial has acne-fighting, anti-ageing, and anti-inflammatory properties. There have even been many people who chose to purchase at-home light masks because they wanted to use them between their spa appointments.


Salt saunas

In case you’re not a big fan of the heat, a salt sauna is ideal for you, as it doesn’t have the traditional setting of a hot sauna. Instead, salt saunas make use of the popular Himalayan salt. You go into a room filled with blocks of salt meant to offer a unique experience.

As soon as you enter the room you can feel that a salt sauna is different from the traditional one concerning the level of humidity and temperature. The salt injection, softer heat, and lower humidity that salt saunas provide will improve your skin and respiratory system, as well.


Sound baths

Sound baths are becoming more and more popular. This kind of treatment uses sound in order to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. In this way, such a massage is able to reduce anxiety, stress, and worry. Unlike the rest of the spa treatments, this one isn’t hands-on. This might make the entire experience more comfortable for you. You should definitely consider getting it if you struggle to unwind and relax.







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