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Matthew Hoffman: The Voice Behind Your Favorite Shows

Matthew Hoffman sitting in a chair.

Matthew Hoffman has become a familiar voice and face in American entertainment, lending his talents to a variety of popular shows. His unique style and engaging presence has made him a standout in the industry. Whether it’s through his witty narrations or his dynamic interviews, Hoffman consistently brings a fresh and engaging perspective that audiences love.

Who is Matthew Hoffman?

Matthew Hoffman is a versatile American TV personality known for his roles as a host, narrator, and celebrity correspondent. Raised on Long Island, New York, he graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from The Boston Conservatory. Hoffman’s background in musical theater laid the foundation for his dynamic presence on screen.

Hoffman is best known for being the narrator and co-writer of “Love Island USA” on CBS and Netflix, where his commentary has become a defining feature of the show. Additionally, he has served as a host and correspondent for a variety of other programs, including “The Year: Countdown 2024” on ABC, “A-List Living” on The Design Network, and “Previously On…” on Peacock.

Matthew Hoffman hosting Focus Features Trivia Night Live.

Love Island USA

One of Hoffman’s most prominent roles is as the official voice, narrator, co-writer, and VO producer for “Love Island USA.” Airing on CBS and available for streaming on Netflix, Hoffman’s voice has guided viewers through over 125 episodes of the popular reality TV show. His witty and humorous commentary has become a defining feature of the series, adding a layer of entertainment that fans love. “Our favorite part of Love Island might just be announcer Matthew Hoffman,” noted Pop Sugar, highlighting his significant impact on the show’s appeal.

Hoffman’s involvement in “Love Island USA” goes beyond just narration. As a co-writer and VO producer, he plays a crucial role in shaping the show’s tone and style. Various spin-off shows are also currently streaming on Netflix, showcasing Hoffman’s versatility and consistency in this role. His ability to bring humor and insight into the series has made him an integral part of the “Love Island” experience.

The Year: Countdown 2024

Matthew Hoffman served as a celebrity correspondent for ABC’s’ “The Year: Countdown 2024,” a year-end review program hosted by Robin Roberts. Hoffman’s involvement in this show spans five seasons, where he brings his insightful and entertaining perspective to the year’s most significant events. His presence adds a layer of engagement, making the annual recap both informative and enjoyable.

In “The Year: Countdown 2024,” Hoffman’s segments often feature interviews with celebrities and notable figures, providing a unique take on the year’s biggest stories. His ability to balance serious topics with lighthearted commentary makes him a perfect fit for this role. Over the years, he has become a staple of the show, contributing to its success and popularity.

A-List Living

On The Design Network, Matthew Hoffman hosts and created “A-List Living,” a show that dives into the homes and lifestyles of celebrities and high-profile individuals. Hoffman’s hosting style combines charm and curiosity, offering viewers an inside look at luxurious living and design. His ability to make viewers feel like they are part of the conversation has been a key factor in the show’s success.

“A-List Living” showcases some of the most extravagant homes and lifestyles, with Hoffman guiding viewers through each episode with enthusiasm and expertise. His background in entertainment allows him to provide unique insights, making the show both informative and entertaining. Hoffman’s ability to connect with his audience is clear in every episode, making “A-List Living” a standout program on The Design Network.

The Greatest Interview Ever with Matthew Hoffman

As part of ABC’s show “People’s List,” hosted by Jerry O’Connell, Hoffman conducted “The Greatest Interview Ever with Matthew Hoffman,” segment where he interviewed a range of celebrities, including the likes of Denzel Washington, Jennifer Jopez, Jesse Eisenberg, and others. His ability to draw out interesting and hilarious stories and insights from his guests made this segment a highlight of the show. Hoffman’s interviewing style is engaging and thoughtful, allowing him to connect with his guests on a deeper level.

“The Greatest Interview Ever with Matthew Hoffman” features some of the most memorable moments in celebrity interviews. Hoffman’s ability to make his guests feel comfortable and open up about their lives and careers has resulted in some truly captivating interviews. His natural curiosity and charisma shine through in each segment, making it a must-watch for fans of the show.


In addition to his hosting and narrating duties, Hoffman is also a special correspondent for “Extra TV.” In this role, he covers various entertainment news, bringing his signature style to interviews and segments. Hoffman’s ability to connect with celebrities and provide viewers with behind-the-scenes insights has made him a valuable addition to the “Extra TV” team.

As a special correspondent, Hoffman’s segments often feature exclusive interviews and coverage of major entertainment events. His engaging personality and professional approach make him a trusted source for entertainment news. Whether he’s on the red carpet or in the studio, Hoffman’s presence adds a unique flair to “Extra TV.”

Love Notes

“Love Notes” is a live radio show on Amazon AMP co-created, series produced, and hosted by Matthew Hoffman alongside therapist Nadia Adessi. This show explores relationships and love, combining Hoffman’s engaging personality with Adessi’s professional insights, creating a unique and dynamic listening experience. The hosts offer their advice to each caller in a hilarious and thoughtful way, and then prescribe the perfect playlist to help them through it. They call it life advice with live music.

Hoffman’s role in “Love Notes” showcases his versatility and ability to connect with audiences on a more personal level. His chemistry with co-host Nadia Adessi adds depth to the show, making it informative and entertaining. “Love Notes” has quickly become a popular program on Amazon AMP, thanks in large part to Hoffman’s and Adessi’s engaging and relatable style.

Previously On…

Matthew Hoffman hosts “Previously On…,” the official “Love Island USA” podcast. Filmed live on Peacock and available on all major podcasting platforms, this podcast offers fans behind-the-scenes insights and recaps of the show, further cementing Hoffman’s connection with the “Love Island” franchise. His ability to provide thoughtful commentary and engage with fans has made “Previously On…” a must-listen for “Love Island” enthusiasts.

“Previously On…” features interviews with cast members, exclusive content, and in-depth discussions about the show. Hoffman’s role as host allows him to bring his unique perspective to each episode, making the podcast informative and entertaining. His ability to connect with the audience and provide engaging content has made “Previously On…” a standout podcast in the reality TV genre.


Matthew Hoffman’s diverse roles across these various shows highlight his versatility and appeal as a TV personality and host. His versatility in style has made him successful in the entertainment industry. Whether through his humorous narrations on “Love Island USA” or his engaging interviews on “Extra TV,” Hoffman consistently brings a unique and captivating presence to his work.

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