Milan – The Fashion Shopping Paradise of the World

Okay, the title is indeed a bold statement. I mean, what does Milan have that the other shopping capitals of the world don’t have?

We’re pretty sure that whatever Milan has, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, and even Tokyo has all the popular fashion brands and fashion lines available as well. The answer to this question is rather more of what Milan has in the past compared to the rest of the big cities in the world.

Milan is immediately recognized as one of the most popular fashion capitals in the world. It’s in Milan where most of the biggest fashion brands in the world are headquartered. You have Valentino, Versace, Armani, Prada, Mari, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Zegna, Moschino, Iceberg, Missoni, and other popular brands that are currently stationed in this beautiful Italian city. Perhaps that is the only biggest reason why Milan is (and will always be) considered as the fashion shopping destination of the world too!

And now that we’ve established Milan as the unchallenged fashion shopping paradise, it’s time to talk about the wonderful shops and sights that one can see and experience while exploring the beautiful city. Milan is known for its popular fashion boutiques and luxury brands, so the first thing on the list is to experience fashion bliss!


Zona Montenapoleone

The first place to go is the Zona Montenapoleone. This is the famous shopping street located along Manzoni and corso Venezia. Together, these make up the Quadrilatero della Moda or the Golden Triangle. This is Milan’s fashion district and only the richest of its clientele actually stroll in this area because this is where the biggest fashion shops are located, such as Prada, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and others.


Via Della Spiga

Via Della Spiga is one of the many shopping districts in Milan. What makes it a remarkable district is that most of its boutiques are especially dedicated to womenswear collections. The famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana has several stores in the Montenapoleone area, but it is Via Della Spiga where one can truly appreciate the fashion brand’s unique taste and style. Most notable in the area is the Carbondale Studio from Eric Carlson. The site is built on red jasper marble, decorative columns, and furnishings that are built in the traditional Baroque style.



Another famous Milanese shopping site is Pomellato. Right in the heart of Milan’s fashion district is where one can find Pomellato, the legendary Italian jewelry company. Located exactly at Number 17 via Montenapoleone, Pomelatto’s interiors are reminiscent of 1960s architectural designs.

Apart from the 1960s architectural style, the store also sports a geometric approach, with the store adorned by gilded and lacquered surfaces. The whole design was made by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of Moran’s Dilmore Studio


Cavalli e Nastri

Last but definitely not least is the Cavalli e Nastri.

Known for its vintage shops, the area is known for the clothes, accessories, menswear, womenswear, and even furniture for sale! The items sold in this area are always in good condition, which is only sensible since Milan is the shopping capital for the fashion conscious but with a huge wallet!

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