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Most Useful Advice for Revising Your Essay

The writing process is complex and consuming enough.

That’s why effective revision strategies are critical for clearer and more impactful writing. The following are general revision strategies for writing every student and writer should find helpful.


Check for Central Idea

The writing outcome is, ultimately, about the main idea you want to present. In writing, you might get consumed in so much detail to a point where you get lost. That’s, you might focus on some minor ideas, or even structure, and lose track of your central idea. This is all too common in writing – even for experienced writers. That’s why revising the writing process is indispensable to ensure your main idea is super clear. To do so, you should start large and end small. That’s, you should start by revising your central idea first and proceed to work on smaller details. These include, for instance, structure, organization and grammar. Important as all are, your idea is, ultimately, what you want to drive home to your readers. So, set everything aside and follow your central idea throughout. Tracking your main idea might be a bit too tricky. To get started, for when i you might use a professional cheap essay writing service. When i write my essay this helps you refine my central idea to be clearer to my readers.


Check for Thesis Statement

This is where you should start, obviously, to make your central idea clear. If wondering at how you revise an essay, this is where you should start. Your thesis statement is, ultimately, your reader’s gateway to your whole essay. If phrased well, your introduction is apt to invite your reader to read more. That’s why, refining – and refining and refining – your thesis statement is crucial to introduce your reader to your essay smoothly. Importantly, your thesis statement promises your reader something. Indeed, your essay is or should be, the fulfillment of your promises in your thesis statement. The more refined your thesis statement is, the more smoothly your promises are kept in subsequent paragraphs. So, keep working on your thesis statement and get some dissertation writing help. You’ll get rewarded in more flowing ideas and, more importantly, more reader attention.


Check for Information

Not all information is born equal. In an essay, particularly informative ones, correct information is critical to make a point or go for an argument. In fact, you cannot be a credible writer unless you provide your readers with correct and reliable information. To do so, you need to check for the information you provide. This needs, of course, research, particularly for information-intensive writing. More, you should eliminate or refine, as necessary, any information you see redundant or vague. Ultimately, all writing should aim at clarity. If anything, checking for information amounts to a creative writing revision. That’s, in checking the information you’re in fact rewriting your essay for more clarity, correctness, and, if possible, entertainment. This needs real creativity – and practice.



Typically, yet mistakenly, revision is perceived as a structural change and grammar-checking process. In practice, however, revision involves much more. If anything, the organization is one critical element in any effective revision process. Specifically, changing how your essay is organized could make all difference in making your central idea clearer. This could be by a sentence and/or paragraph levels. At a sentence level, you might want to reverse word sequence to lay more emphasis on a certain idea. Or, you might want to grab your reader’s attention by violating conventional rhetorical expectations. At a paragraph level, you might go from a more general to a more specific approach – or vice versa. In any case, (re)organization is one important tool writers use to polish up an essay. There is no single way, however, you could change your essay’s organization. This is a purely creative process. Ultimately, the organization is one way you could refine your essay for whatever effect you intend on readers. If you’re a starter, edujungles offers great professional writing help to polish up your essay.

Track Notes

The processes of editing and revising are so often confused. In essence, editing is about polishing up your essay for grammatical, syntactical, and, perhaps, some structural issues. Meanwhile, revising is much broader and sometimes involves the whole rewriting of your essay. In revising, taking notes is super important to compare changes you make or plan to make, in your already written essay. Tracking your notes is, accordingly, super important to ensure you are, well, on track. Tracking your notes cannot be more important for extended writing where you are presenting many ideas. There is no single way, however, you can track your notes. You could, for instance, use sticky notes on your desk or computer, use “Track Changes” features or use a separate app. In whatever way you choose to track your notes, make sure you never lose track of your central idea. This is an all too common mistake many writers do. So, keep a watchful eye on your central idea and don’t miss the forest for the trees.


Read Out Loud

The writing process is complex enough to merit different ways for revision. Despite in writing, your essay, if read out loud, should point you to possibly more mistakes. This is a revision method a few do yet is really effective. Obviously, you can read your essay out loud or have someone read it for you. In either case, reading your essay aloud is one very effective way to ensure your essay flows smoothly or not. Unlike silent reading, reading your essay out loud identifies gaps in sentence structure you could tweak. More, reading your essay out loud amounts to outside help compared to running your eyes silently throughout line by line.

Make More Changes, If Necessary

The revision process is, by definition, iterative. Changes you introduce to your written essay could be endless. The room for improvement is just as endless. That said, you should never be consumed in revising. Ultimately, you will have to move on. So, be wise and try to strike a balance between revising your essay carefully and well and moving on. This needs, as always, a combination of practice and patience. So, keep working on your writing and introduce as many changes as needed. If necessary, reach out for help from a friend or a professional service such as essay writing service. This should improve your revision skills and writing skills in general.


The revision process is complex. There is no single way a piece of writing could be revised. There are, however, general rules you can follow to polish up your essay and make your central idea clearer. Most importantly, do not lose track of your central idea while revising your essay. Track changes, refine your thesis statement, read your essay out loud and make as many changes as you see appropriate.

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