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Nickelback | Live at The O2, London

Nickelback lit up London The O2 arena with a thrilling blend of nostalgia and classic rock anthems like "How You Remind Me".

As the lights went down and the screens lit up, a police car chase followed a van as it sped down a road en route to London. The location took place for the sold-out show for Nickelback’s Get Rollin’ tour at The O2 Arena.

Chad, Ryan, Mike, and Daniel took to the stage as they played several hits mixed in with their recent material. People alike might know them as the 2000s rock band that came on the scene from Alberta, Canada. Their breakthrough came from their hit ‘How You Remind Me’. The rest, as they say, is history. Throughout their career, they have had hits that have been the soundtrack of many people’s lives, and they capture people with their descriptive and rich music videos.

Their return to the London stage was welcomed by all who were present at the show. From the minute the lights went down, the vibes were set. “We made it back to London,” Chad spoke as he welcomed the crowd to the show. Straight out of the gate, nostalgia was in the space. “Savin’ Me” and “Far Away” off their All The Right Reasons album got the vibes going, transporting the audience to the time of release.

Throughout the show, the band fostered a deep connection with the audience, sharing personal stories of their time in London. One memorable anecdote involved their roadie, Brad, who they once paid £1000 to join them and do some ‘stupid stuff on stage’. Last night, there was a second attempt to get him on stage, but he was too busy delivering cups of beer to Chad. The band’s love for London was palpable, and the feeling was reciprocated by the audience.

A top moment of the show was when they invited the opening act, Lottery Winner, to join them for an English favourite, Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” It had everybody on their feet singing at the top of their lungs, and it was quite a sight to see.

The show was a trip back in time to celebrate the legacy of Nickelback. Generations old and new were all out to celebrate the band. Songs like “Photograph”, “How You Remind Me”, and, of course, the hit of all hits “, Rockstar”, reminded you about their extensive catalogue of hits they have had over the years. Not to mention the others that didn’t make the setlist. Special mention to “Lullaby” and “Hero”; they are a lot. The memories of their songs and their music videos came flooding right back in that night.

As a witness to the nostalgic resurgence of the 2000s, I can confidently say that the show was a grand celebration of one of the era’s greats. It’s a testament to Nickelback’s enduring popularity that, even in 2014, decades after the start of their career, they can still bring the same energy and excitement to their performances. It’s a source of pride for fans and a testament to the band’s timeless appeal.

Words by Seneo Mwamba

Photography Isha Shah

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