On Tour with Colyn

See the world through the eyes of Amsterdam native DJ & producer Colyn in his new docuseries Unfiltered.

To say it’s been a whirlwind time for DJ Colyn — who has played Coachella, Afterlife Closing, Voodoo Village and beyond last year — would be an understatement. Now, Colyn’s feverish fans can see what every step of the journey was like with his docuseries, Unfiltered. Spread across a few months, the series features Colyn and his videographer Arun documenting his life on the road — all the glamourous and gritty stuff juxtaposed to show what reality is like for a larger-than-life and highly in-demand DJ.

At a time when audiences and fans alike are desperate for a stronger connection and insight into the artist experience, Colyn’s Unfiltered provides a glimpse into the rise (and rise) of his artistry — all while he navigates missed flights, popping an eardrum, gigs getting nixed, and beyond — and bringing fans along for the journey.

Colyn and his videographer Arun take 1883 Magazine on tour with them with snapshots of Unfiltered and exclusive diaries about their time travelling together.

From Colyn

One of the craziest moments in my life. At this moment before the parachute deployed, I thought I’d made a huge mistake and I was dying. Later on the ground, I was so happy that I took that leap of faith.

The iconic skyline in the back just makes this image so visually pleasing. Also having my close friend Rao, who just warmed up for me, in the background enjoying the music is so cool.

Heavy touring is sometimes about keeping yourself motivated. Sometimes you need to be your own hypeman and get yourself in a headspace to keep going and to stay positive.

Unforgettable moments in Cordoba! After the party that got totally rained out, a fan asked me to sign his cast. We didn’t have a marker, so a bystanding girl offered me her lipgloss and I signed his cast with that.

While I’m on the road I really need to keep creating, especially if I’m gone for 2-4 weeks at a time. Friends offered me a studio in Buenos Aires so I could keep doing music in a foreign city.

In the end the fans are the ones that make my career possible, without all of them following me and listening to my music, there would be nothing. I’m super grateful for everyone that is involved in my journey.

By Arun

Here I’m bringing the camera equipment up to altitude and getting some shots from the front of the plane, right before asking the pilots if they could take it down safely while I pass out during my first parachute jump.

Shooting in New York City is always a cinematic treat, as we’ve all grown up with this city in movies and television. Suddenly getting covered in snow while shooting here, was a true slow-motion cherry on top of that cake though.

This is probably one of my favourite drone shots of the series, shot at Lake Potrerillos in Argentina. What you don’t see here, is how I might have flown to the very end of its battery and not have been able to catch it from the tiny sailboat with ropes everywhere while simultaneously controlling it. The only reason that it didn’t crash in the water was because of a gazelle-like jump with mid-air catch from manager Lex.

Conceptually, it is very important to me that it feels like you’re part of the tour. For this reason, I shoot most personal things as close/pov as possible, even after a Tulum sunrise.

Touring life is not all luxury, tropics and cocktails. Here, we’ve just been kicked off our broken airplane after spending 6 hours taxiing back and forth to the runway. People were yelling and fainting, nobody got any water or food, all announcements were in Portuguese and I was laughingly recording it all.

This might be the last drone shot of Warung Beach Club before it got engulfed by flames just 1.5 weeks later. Strange idea, to have all this footage of a place that has been reduced to ash.

Watch Colyn’s UNFILTERED docuseries now.

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