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The K’s have established a loyal cult following going from strength to strength since their debut single “Sarajevo” released in 2017. The band has supported the likes of Liam Gallagher and Blondie, If that’s not impressive enough, the Northern rock and roll band sold out Manchester Academy in under 24 hours. The K’s have set themselves up for a stellar year after teasing their debut album I Wonder If The World Knows, which is set for a March 22nd release. The announcement is also accompanied by an extensive UK tour, but the band are no strangers to putting on exciting live shows. Especially since The K’s have performed at festivals like Isle Of Wight, Reading and Leeds, Kendal Calling, and more.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Jamie Boyle and Ryan Breslin from The K’s discussed their history, growing fanbase, and where they are looking forward to playing next, and more.

Let’s start with the title of the single, “Heart on My Sleeve”. Where did that come from, and do you feel exposed by your songwriting this time around? 

Jamie Boyle: Definitely yeh, I feel like it’s probably the most honest in terms of getting into a headspace where I’m just sort of venting on paper this one is the most vulnerable. The people seem to love it, there has been a reaction on Twitter where people are identifying with it, saying it must have come from somewhere deep. I am putting my true self out there for everyone to see, it’s a bit daunting. 

Your most-played single is your debut single, “Sarajevo”. Did you feel any pressure to match the energy created in 2017 when writing songs for the new album? 

JB: Not really because lots of the time I’ll write lyrics and chords, take it into the studio and the energy comes naturally with The K’s. We know that when we put our heads together to write a single, it’s going to be catchy and have a high energy. I don’t feel pressure in that sense because we know what we’re about. 

Does your single “I Wonder If The World Knows” cover the bands emotions over the past two years whilst exploring the highs and lows of your journey?

JB: Yes, roughly two years because whilst things have been hectic, it’s good for us to get everything down and take a look back and think were we happy or hating the world? It’s good to see everything written down and give it a time scale.

It seems like the band has accumulated a loyal fanbase quite quickly. What do you think?

Ryan Breslin: I think it’s grown since we started in the North West. Our fanbase is more of a cult now. The fans are loyal all over the country and to get a northern band selling out down south, to even have a crowd down there is bonkers. Especially selling out our London shows. It has grown over time but it seems to be rapidly increasing now. 

JB: This is the first tour that we’re turning up on where we’re going to places that we have no affiliation with, it’s harder to branch out across the country and this time everywhere we play has been like playing a hometown show, the crowds are just mental!

In 2022, The K’s were amongst the same festival line-up as Blossoms at Isle of Wight Festival. How does it feel to now be accompanying them on their own weekender? 

RB: We’ve got to know them and meet who they work with, it’s kind of like a happy marriage, we’re both from similar areas. 

JB: Their crew know our crew, it feels like a homecoming party for Blossoms, that we’ve been invited to and it’s a pleasure to be on. Hopefully, that will be the best weekend we’ve had as a band with the things we’ve got in the pipeline so …watch this space!

The new single talks about feelings of dissociation and facades, is this something that has come with being in the band?

JB: I don’t think it’s anything to do with being in a band, I think it’s the same for everybody. I believe that everybody puts this act on like they know what they’re doing and in reality – they don’t. Everyone’s just seeing what works and learning from mistakes. Everybody acts like they’ve got it all together but in reality, when you sit down and speak to people about it nobody has any idea what they’re doing.

Which has been the biggest year for the band so far and has there been any standout moments?

JB: I think 2023 has probably been the best, we got new management on board and signed to a label. Our biggest highlight was Manchester Academy. If are honest the biggest catalyst to this achievement has been getting our new management, Dave and Jacob. They are brilliant, they do amazing work and since they’ve come onboard everything is working really well. Everything is heading in the same direction now and we’re reaping the rewards because of it.

Your first single of 2023 was “Hoping Maybe” which feels the most similar to your newer material. Is it somewhat of a ballad now given how fans sing it back at shows?

JB: When we sing “Hoping Maybe” now we’re taken aback because we’re having it screamed back at us, it’s like nothing we’ve ever heard before, everybody in the venue is singing and it feels like being in a football stadium. We were still sitting in work at the time when that song got to number two in the Itunes chart and number one in the alternative chart. It was obviously the right time to release it.

RB: it’s got to be a mix of both. We’ve played it for so long and we held back for so long when releasing it that when we finally did, it instantly became our fans song. You can feel that in the venue.

You’ve been supported by music club night This Feeling over the years. Are there any bands playing This Feeling events that you would recommend?

JB: Massive shout out to This Feeling, Mikey and George are amazing. Give me a minute, all I can think of is ‘Lock-In’ cause of their TikTok’s. There are loads of them. Holy Youth Movement who with us in Bristol, they’re mint. I’ll stop this interview and think of 50 and wish I’d said them.

RB: The main thing with This Feeling is they stick bands in good places, the things they do for the younger talent coming through is ace. 

Lastly, what locations are you looking forward to playing this year?

JB: I’m really looking forward to London, but something that will be good and it’s overdue is Edinburgh. We always play Glasgow but never Edinburgh so finally going there will be sick.

Leeds Academy, Rock City as well, the whole thing is gonna be mint. It’s all going to be ace. Honestly every single date, it may sound cliche but we’re absolutely buzzing for the whole tour, it’s a massive step up for us it’s all going in the right direction and we’re really excited for the year ahead.

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The K’s new single No Place Like Home is out now.

The debut album I Wonder If The World Knows out 22 March 2024. Follow via @theksofficial

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