Park Days – Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal

Following the release of his solo debut single “Down and Out,” Sam Thrussell’s side project Park Days unveils his latest single, “Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal.” The Brighton-based multidisciplinary artist, known as a founding member of the band Dutch Criminal Record, flexes his musical muscles on the new single, showcasing his knack for crafting vulnerable yet infectious songs. Thrussell states the song is an “old track inspired by The Magic Gang song Alright. It’s about worrying about the future and dealing with uncertainty when there doesn’t seem to be an immediate resolution.”

Weaving together deft keys and smooth drums, “Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal” has the feel of a bedroom-pop track with the power and grit of a rock song. Speaking further, Thrussell explains “It was written in 2020 and was initially a really gentle acoustic song. When in the studio Rob Quickenden suggested I add a vibraphone part which I had great fun playing (you can hear it from the second verse onwards). It has a real ethereal quality and was used by one of my favourite writers Nick Drake on Saturday Sun from his debut album “Five Leaves Left’!”

“Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal” is out now.

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