Positive thinking in the twenty-first century

Positive thinking is an element in life that is vital to cultivate, crucial to keep in mind, and important to remind oneself when faced with adversity.


It is applied in many different fields from business to sales, marketing to advertising, health, sports, education, motivation, inspiration, national allegiance, psychology as well as self-image. Many of the twenty-first-century authors and thinkers apply positive thinking in various areas. Some of these famous ones are:

  • Anthony Robbins seminar and speeches using the knowledge of psychology and positive thinking. Robbins is a motivational speaker and advisor to many world leaders and has helped ordinary people to achieve success or lead a more positive and fulfilling life.
  • Steven Covey is the author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ book, and his points are quoted in businesses and personal development. These seven habits can be used above and beyond the business realm, applying them to almost anything in life.
  • Louise Hay is the author of ‘You can Heal Your Life’ and several other motivational and self-improvement books. She promotes the use of self-healing to use the power of our thoughts to enhance our lives.
  • Wayne W. Dyer employs the teachings of Tao Te Ching of ‘Change your thoughts, change your life’ which directly influences us to lead and live a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Dryer is the author of ‘The Power of Intention.’


Why Positive Thinking Is Important

How many times have you failed at something, and someone- a friend, teacher, classmate, parent, or partner tells you not to give up and focus on the positive?

How many times has someone commented on your self-image and said that you don’t fit in or you don’t belong?

How do you react and respond to situations like this? Is a reaction or response even worth it?

Sometimes you think that it’s easier said than done. The truth is, focusing our mind on being and thinking positively is straightforward- it is all about controlling your thoughts because the understanding that a positive attitude leads to a fruitful life is already a high motivation to change.

Having a positive outlook on life will enable you to cope much easier with the affairs of everyday life from the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep. A positive outlook gives you an optimistic approach and makes you worry less and think less negative thoughts. It will enable you to experience the silver lining in the darkest of situations.

A positive mind is a state of mind that is worth developing because everyone can benefit from it, taking you far in life.






A positive attitude is noticeable in the following ways:

  • Positive thinking- you focus on the silver lining to help you find the best possible solution to the problem you are facing.
  • Constructive thinking- you focus your energy on things that matter or things that require a response or reaction. Not everything deserves or needs your attention.
  • Creative thinking- You find ways to get things done using the simplest methods or ways.
  • Optimism- No matter how hard things get, you want to continue persevering even when the situation seems bleak.
  • Drive and energy to do things, accomplish goals- You have a go-getter attitude and a passion that spurs you on to try new things.
  • An attitude of happiness- but you also know when to take a break and take care of yourself. An attitude of happiness is also about taking care of your own needs.
  • Positive self-image- You love your body and the way you look. Even if you feel like making changes to your body or doing a https://lexingtonps.com/breast-augmentation/, you are doing it for your happiness and not for anyone else’s benefit.


A positive mindset can help you in many ways:

  • The feeling of inspiration in everything you do
  • Gives you the strength to keep going and not give up
  • Helps you overcome obstacles you face
  • Gives you the ability to look at failures, mistakes, and problems as a blessing in disguise.
  • Keeps you believing in yourself, your abilities, and your talent
  • Radiate self-esteem and confidence
  • You look for solutions instead of dwelling on problems, you seek opportunities when it comes


Positivity is a GameChanger

You can change your whole life if you find the bright side of life instead of wallowing in self-pity and allowing yourself to think negatively. Positive thinking is infectious! It not only affects you but each individual around you- people want to be with you and make friends with you and hang out with you because you’ve got the drive and energy and positivity, making it so easy to be your friend.

You will end up changing the lives of those around you, uplifting them, and encouraging them to become the best version of themselves. Positivity is a strong emotion so if you are positive; you radiate positivity.

Even more benefits of a Positive Attitude:

  • You achieve more of your goals easily- It helps you stay focused on what is needed to be done versus doing everything and anything.
  • You achieve success much rapidly- You set small goals to accomplish with reasonable timelines.
  • You bring in more happiness in your life and those around you- Life is tough but keeping your mind lucid and focused on what is important helps you wade through the waves of toil and trouble.
  • You have more energy to deal with everything life throws at you- Life is a never-ending cycle of problems and solving them. While it can get you weary, having a positive mindset helps you productively deal with issues.
  • You have more faith in your abilities and have higher hopes for a brighter tomorrow.
  • You can inspire and motivate everyone around you
  • You feel you encounter fewer obstacles and difficulties compared to other people
  • You are much more respected and loved by all those around you
  • Life smiles at you


The bottom line is, if you exhibit a negative attitude then you will only bring in more failure and more difficulties but, if you radiate positivity, you are bound to be attracting good energy and success so the time is NOW to change the way you think and the way you react.

Negative thoughts, behaviors, and reactions do nobody any good. If you have tried to become positive in the past, but you have failed, that means you have not tried enough.


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