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Pre Everything Wig- A New Game Changer

As days and months pass, wig makers and producers make upgraded and even better wigs for the wig industry. The Pre Everything is no exception, as its recent release into the wig market has made it a trailblazer for every wig user.

To our readers and wig tycoons, if you are a beginner and you desire ease and high quality with a touch of nature, this article is your go-to. This is because, by the time you get to the last sentence, you will fall in love with the Pre Everything wig and learn what makes it stand out in the world of numerous wigs. Stay with us, ride with us. Let’s journey together!

Pre Everything Wig: What is it?

When you hear ‘Pre Everything wig’ from a friend or colleague, it means that everything that needs to be done before wearing a wig has been done in these wigs before it gets to your doorstep and your hands. So, that means you don’t have to do any work at all. Imagine that? Nothing at all. 

With a Pre Everything wig, have it in mind that all the necessary preparatory steps for a good wig have been done already. This includes cutting the laces, bleaching the knots and roots (If you desire), plucking the hairline to suit your face and edges, pre-styling and even pre-coloring to any color that you want to slay.

Whoever thought about this, must have had a wide percentage of ladies and wig wearers in mind. This is a bomb! What is your greatest challenge when it comes to wigs? Could that be a reason you don’t own one? Time? Effort? Energy? Skill? Customization? Then this wig is good news for you and every beginner out there. Yea, you are welcome. 

What is ‘Everything’ in a Pre Everything Wig: Standout Features?

As stated above, ‘Everything’ in a Pre Everything wig simply means that whatever form of customization is needed that will make a wig look more natural and suit your exact face is done before delivery. That implies that every detail that will craft your face and give off the celebrity aura will be met.

Here, we will list some features that you can expect when you order one of these wigs from Hermosa Hair or any other top brand out there. Your wigs are in safe hands and will be managed by top wig experts with several years of experience in these areas.

Now, let’s see exactly what makes the Pre Everything wig different from the regular wig you have in your wig collection and why they are ideal for wig beginners. What is the pre-stuff that has been done already?

  • Cutting lace service 

This is tedious if you don’t know how to do it or have not done it before. As a beginner, the Pre Everything wig is best for you because it comes pre-cut already. This prevents an expensive wig lace from getting damaged, leading to the inability to wear the wig or change of wig lace. 

Importantly, buy this wig because, beyond the hype, it relieves you from trying to cut yourself. Most importantly, the Pre Everything wig is crafted in a way that the lace is cut at the hairline to fit into your face, just as it is. This gives a more natural appeal, and no one gets to know whether it’s a wig or not. 

With its simplicity, once you have the wig in your hands, go ahead and wear it cautiously on your head. Look in the mirror and admire the queen that you are.

  • Bleaching knot service 

A bleached knot involves using special chemicals on the knots of your wig’s hair strands (where it is tied to the lace) to make it a few shades lighter than the original. This enhances the appearance of your wig and makes it more natural. This means that if your wig is black at the knot, it will become ebony or color 1B, color 2, etc.

In addition, it gets rid of dark spots and dots that could have formed during the threading process. If you are on the go and require a one-step or one-minute wig wear that is bleached already at the knot, the Pre Everything wig should be in your closet.

At Hermosa, the Pre Everything wig is managed by professionals, these skin-friendly chemicals are applied to prevent any adverse reactions on your scalp after the process of bleaching is completed.

  • Plucking hairline service 

If you want to get the most natural hairline possible, plucking is the secret, yeah. A well-plucked hairline can be easily confused with one’s natural hair. The challenge that comes with plucking the hairlines of wigs is that it requires expert hands or else you will spoil your wig and have bald spots in a few seconds.

Plucking involves the use of special tools like tweezers to pick out some of the hairs on the thick hairlines of wigs. This thinning-out process gives your wigs a more natural and realistic appearance from the front view of anyone looking.

With the Pre-Everything wig, you don’t have to do anything as a buyer. This is because the wig comes pre-plucked to suit your hairline precisely, and it is done without any mistakes or accidental damage. You will get the value for your money

  • Coloring service

Have you been in a situation where you see a wig that you love but then you wished it were in another color? We see lots of customers like that. This is why our coloring services with our Pre Everything wigs can give you your choice of wig in any color you need. 

From rare and classy colors like burgundy, copper, brown, blonde, gold, etc, you can find these colors in your dream wig. These colors are available at the moment. Just find a color that suits you best and keep us or your vendors informed.

As a beginner who knows little about wig coloring, go ahead and make your purchase. With the Pre Everything wig, you would not have to worry about coloring your wigs again. Our Professional wig colorist got you. These colored wigs will give off everything that you need them to – style, aura, poise, and class.


The Pre Everything wigs are the best innovations in the wig space today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wig game with these wigs. Everything is done in advance to reduce your workload and installation time.

As a starter, student, or busy person, choosing the Pre Everything wig will do you so much good than you could ever think.

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