Preparing for College Times: 10 Original Gift Ideas for a Fresher

There is nothing more confusing than getting a gift right for a young adult. With the trends and fads changing every fortnight, it is quite challenging to find something that they will like, appreciate, and find useful.

Of course, some things never lose in terms of usefulness. For instance, if you are thinking about getting a college student some academic help, there is nothing better than finding them excellent writers at the platform or Assignment Partner, However, at most times, freshers prefer materialistic gifts that will make their campus life more enjoyable. For those who are on the search for an eye-catching gift idea, here are some picks.


A Cable Organizer

A 2013 survey observed that, on average, a college student uses seven gadgets daily. Even though seven years have passed, most likely, students have only gotten more reliant on technology. Living in a dorm could make organizing the endless cable cords a nightmare.

There is no doubt that every fresher will appreciate a cable organizer that can carry all the cables and other electronic accessories. You can also consider getting pouches so that the freshers can bring untangled cords to their classes or elsewhere.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

Every fresher is way too familiar with the struggle of shared dorm spaces. The only way to keep sane and concentrate would be to keep out all the noise with a good pair of headphones. Add noise-canceling technology, and any busy room can easily transform into a quiet place for studying.


Personal Safe

Making a move to campus accommodation could be daunting for a fresher. One way to make one feel more secure is by getting a personal safe that can keep all the valuables safe. You can find many choices for dorm-room safes, from those they can keep in the wardrobe or roll out from under the bed.


Portable Blender

It won’t be a surprise if your fresher friends tell you that they always skip breakfast. Between running to the classes and taking the effort to make breakfast, it is possible that they would choose to forget the most important meal of the day.

A portable blender will fix this right away. It is small enough to fit into the tiniest dorm room. With an extra five minutes, they can start their day with a healthy smoothie.


Laptop Lap Desk

Let’s get this straight – we all use our laptops while in bed. So there is no point in urging college students to always use the desk.

Instead, better get them a portable lap desk which will make it easier to use the laptop anywhere. These are some smart alternatives and ergonomic solutions that will make any room more comfortable. Plus, students can carry the item in their backpacks to use it anywhere on the campus.


Bedside Caddy

Not every dorm room is blessed with a bedside table with sufficient space to hold gadgets and books. A bedside caddy can solve the space congestion while letting you keep all the important items by your side. 

It can be used to keep a phone, tablet, laptop, books, and other stuff you would need at an arm’s length. Hang it over your bed frame and have a personalized holder for all the essential items.


Desk Fans

You might not be staying in the dorm during summer, but having a fan could become useful plenty of times. The convenient USB powered desk fans can fit in anywhere and freshen up a dorm room instantly. Some even have separate speed settings, and for sure, any fresher will love this comfort.


Portable UV Sanitizing Vacuum Cleaner

College dorms are often left open to welcome everyone. As friends come in and go, the room will also pile up all unwanted sorts of germs.

A handheld vacuum is almost essential in a fresher’s dorm room. Having a sanitizing option with it is even better to keep all surfaces, nooks, and corners clean.


Room Decor

One of the first things any fresher is going to do to spruce up the bare walls of the dorm room. Such comfort is not always cheap. So lend out a helping hand and get them some charming decor or textiles. It could be anything from a cozy duvet to a vibrant rug.

Include a few pots of plants, picture frames, or even some accessories, and it will make their room look more welcoming.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Freshers are just beginning their college days, and parties are an inevitable part of it. Why not make it more fun with a portable, yet powerful Bluetooth speaker. Make sure it’s waterproof as you know these get-togethers could be spontaneous. These speakers will work best at the beach, a pool party, and can even survive any accidental spill.

Wrapping Up

So you see, shopping for freshers does not have to be that hard. All they are looking for is to have a good time and feel comfortable in their dorm rooms. Help them make memories, and your gift will not only be used but cherished as well.




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