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Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry is Entering his Dinocore Era

Schiaparelli’s surreal fashion designer, Daniel Roseberry, presented his second haute couture show in Paris. The Autumn/Winter 2022 collection is inspired by themes from the Jurassic Park movies. The collection made heads turn with its jaw-dropping creativity and innovation.

American designer Daniel Roseberry took the reins of the mega fashion house Schiaparelli as the creative director in 2019. Drawing ideas from science-fiction movies and surrealism, his experimental concepts and profound creative vision has sent shockwaves in the fashion world.

The Autumn/Winter 22 show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris had elements of suspense, shock, and surprise with models emerging from behind heavy velvet curtains, backlit and surrounded by smoke, illuminated by cinematic lights, and finally descending a staircase onto the catwalk.

Backstage, Roseberry revealed how he wanted the Jurassic Park score to create a nostalgic atmosphere. While talking about “daring to return to a kind of creative innocence, the state of wonder” and Jurassic Park, Roseberry commented:


“It was one of my favourite, if not my favourite, movies growing up. We talked a lot this season about going back to the place where you first fell in love with fashion, and for me, that was a very innocent, romantic place, which is really what I, and I’m sure a lot of people are craving right now. Jurassic Park fills me with these feelings: growing up in the 90s, and just feeling less burdened by anything.”


Ever since its release in 1993, Jurassic Park has become a worldwide classic. With its iconic scenes, ground-breaking special effects, and suspenseful build-up, this Steven Spielberg blockbuster continues to shock audiences even today. The Jurassic film franchise has garnered a dedicated fan following over the decades. Each new film is action-packed and visually dazzling. Jurassic World Dominion (2022), the most recent release, brought the Jurassic franchise roaring back to the theatres.

World over, fans of Jurassic Park continue to show their ardent love for the film by indulging in Jurassic-themed merchandise, theme parks, and dino-themed games, which are an all-time favourite. Even Fortune Factory Studios contributed to the whole thing by creating Jurassic World Raptor Riches, which many consider to be among the best new slots in the UK.

The Jurassic Park film franchise is known for its astounding inventiveness and sheer impact, along with brilliant storytelling and great character development. Iconic is one word that defines all the Jurassic films. It is no wonder avant-garde fashion designer Daniel Roseberry found inspiration in them, making his Autumn/Winter 22 exhibition just as amazing, iconic, and innovative. The exceptional embellishment of ensembles, intricate embroideries, stellar accessories, ultra-bold corsets, and a combination of velvet, silk, feather, and metallic outfits made the collection one of its kind. While talking about creativity and cutting-edge fashion, Roseberry commented:


“‘I think we sometimes get defensive when our critics accuse us of just wanting to make beautiful things. But what’s wrong with wanting to make beautiful things? It’s not the only important part of life, of course, but it is a part of life. And to make truly beautiful things isn’t actually that easy. But it is a privilege— and I’m grateful for it every day.”


The Schiaparelli show ended with a model walking down the catwalk in a stunning floor-length velvet skirt and a statement hat carrying a white dove, and a closing ruby red statement dress with a delicately woven open-heart design. Clearly, Roseberry has a message of universal peace and love to share with the world through his stunning work.


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