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Sex And Lubrification

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Lubrication is essentially what makes sex possible. Rubbing skin against skin as a sexual act would be very painful and would probably cause skin irritation and injuries, as against being pleasurable without lubrication. Thankfully, our bodies have a natural lubrication system that makes sex possible and pleasurable.

For people with vaginas, arousal is what leads to this lubrication. Lubrication is an essential part of sex as it readies the vagina for sex, reduces friction and pain, and protects the skin of the vagina.

It should be stated that lubrication is necessary for any type of penetrative vagina or anal sex, whether occurring in real life or virtually with a partner or solo. You would still need lubrication even if you were engaged in live skype sex with a cam model.

However, sometimes the body does not produce enough lubrication for sex to happen seamlessly, necessitating artificial lubrication.

This article will explore some of the factors that affect lubrication, ways to induce lubrication, and types of lubricants, as well as the key considerations for choosing a lubricant. It is best to by sexy toys safely from top online sellers such as Pleasure Store

Factors That Can Affect Lubrication 

The body naturally lubricates when you are aroused. The fastest way to getting the body ready for sex is to engage in foreplay and maybe some dirty talk in the case of live Skype sex.



One of the physiological changes that come with menopause is the reduced ability of the body to produce lubrication for sex. As women age and approach menopause, they would need to take more time engaging in foreplay and use more lubricants.


Dehydration and Smoking

Dehydration and smoking are lifestyle factors that affect the amount of lubrication the body produces. It is advisable to quit or cut back smoking and drink more water to improve your sexual health.  



Breastfeeding mothers have little or no lubrication than they normally would when they are not lactating. Hence, a lactating mother must necessarily be treated differently.


Hormonal Changes 

Hormonal changes induced by birth control and other factors can affect the lubrication rate in a sexually excited woman. Additionally, some women have lower estrogen levels, which can lead to vaginal sex.


Medications and Treatments  

Certain medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants can reduce lubrication. Aggressive medical treatments like chemotherapy can also have the same effect.

Ways to Get Lubricated

There are two ways to get lubricated during sex:

  • Natural Lubrication:When a woman is aroused, her body produces lubrication naturally.
  • Artificial Lubrication: There are a number of artificial lubricants to aid the lubrication process. They include water-based, silicon-based, oil-based, and organic/vegan lubricants.

To make sex or masturbation pain free and pleasurable, there might be a need to use an artificial lubricant.

However, not all types of lubricants can fit into every purpose or can be beneficial to everyone. This is doubly important when you are having solo sex or skype sex, and you’re using sex toys.

Things to Consider When Choosing Artificial Lubricants 


Sex Toys

The sex toys you use during skype sex or masturbation should be considered when choosing a lubricant. Sex toys are typically made from different kinds of materials, including silicon. Apparently, a silicon-based lubricant will not be appropriate for use on a silicon toy, as it would damage it.


Shower Play 

Similarly, water-based lubricants are not suitable for use when you are going to be having shower sex.

The water from the shower would easily wash away the lubricant. Asides from this, water-based lubricants often require frequent reapplication that might be inconvenient during skype sex.


Yeast Infections 

Lubes that contain glycerine and other sugar-based flavors can be dangerous to your sexual health. If you are prone to yeast infections, then you should avoid these kinds of lubricants as they increase your risk of infection.


Trying To Conceive 

Some lubricants are harmful to sperm and can affect sperm motility. If you are trying to conceive, always choose sperm-friendly lubricants.


Condom Use 

If your partner is wearing a condom, or you are using a condom on your toys, avoid oil-based lubricants totally. Some lubricants destroy condoms. Choose a water-based or silicon-based lubricant instead.

Importance of Lubrication During Cam Sex

Lubrication will considerably improve your sexual health and sexual experiences in general. Lubes can make sex, whether partnered or not, safer for you.

Also, it can make anal sex a lot better. In fact, never try anal sex without a lubricant. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating, so before you plunge an anal toy in there, ensure an adequate amount of lube precedes it.

Additionally, cam sex involves a lot of masturbation and finger stimulation.

Dryness will make this a painful exercise, and you might injure yourself, especially if you’re using toys.

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