Social Games: 4 Crucial Questions Everyone Asks

Social games have changed the way we see gaming forever. Since everyone uses social media daily, playing games together with friends makes the entire experience much more fun and interesting.

But there are so many different social games you can play on multiple platforms – it can sometimes be very complicated to find what you need. So if you have questions about social games, keep reading, and we’ll give you the answers you are looking for.


What are they?

Social games are all video games you can play with friends on social networks. Of course, Facebook is the most popular platform for social gaming, but you can play games on many other social networks as well.

Most of these games are small, online titles that don’t need a lot of practice to play. The most popular games are Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Slotomania, and many others. These games usually allow microtransactions that help players progress faster, but you can play them for free whenever you want.

The idea is to allow friends to have fun together and kill some time by playing video games together on their mobile devices. There are thousands of games you can try, and no matter what type of games you’re into, you’ll surely find a few that will keep you occupied for hours.


Do they cost money?

No, all social games are free. All you have to do to play them is to navigate to their page and start playing. Some more detailed games will require you to download and install them on your device, but you won’t have to pay a penny to start playing.

However, there’s a catch. Many of these popular game titles require a lot of time to get things done unless you purchase in-game currencies to speed things up. The practice is known as “pay to win”, and the players that don’t have the patience to get things done the long way just pay a few dollars and get things done immediately.

With that said, social games provide almost all features for free. At the same time, some titles require one-time payments to unlock extra features. For example, you can download and play Vegas Downtown Slots for free, while other games like The Sims, for example, come with extra content you have to pay for to unlock.

The bottom line is that all games are free when you want to start playing, but they offer you extra features you have to pay for.


What kind of social games exist?

There are many different genres of social games. With thousands of available games, every player can find something that suits their style best. The most popular social games are city building games, card games, board games, guessing games, quizzes, sports simulations, and other games you can learn more about here.

No matter what type of games you like, you will find something that suits you perfectly if you look hard enough. The most popular gaming titles spend millions of dollars on marketing every year,  but there are many excellent games you haven’t heard of because they don’t have the budget for advertising.

However, if you look hard enough and maybe read a few reviews online, you can find some really cool hidden gems that will provide you and your friends with hundreds of hours of fun.


How do I start playing?

One of the reasons why social games are so popular is because you can start playing right away. You can either find the game on social media networks, join them from there, or navigate the PlayStore and download your games from there. Once you install the titles you want to play, just sign in with your Facebook credentials, and you’re ready to start playing right away.

Most games will allow you to invite your friends directly, and once they join you, you will exchange credits and items to progress through the games faster. That’s pretty much how every social game works, except card games like Poker. In other words, as long as you have a social network profile setup, you can start playing games at any time.



It’s a known fact that hardcore gamers don’t accept social games, but whether they like it or not, these types of games are the future of gaming. They are easy to play, they don’t require expensive PCs and gaming equipment, and anyone can play them on their way to school, work, or while waiting in line.

So, if you still didn’t give these games a try, log in to your Facebook account and start playing today. You will probably meet new people and forget about quarantine at least for a few hours a day.



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