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Superheroes and Villains Who Love Casino Games

When we think about superheroes and their villainous counterparts, it is safe to say that we often raise them to incredible heights of morality or deviousness.


In our minds, these fantastic characters are often above human temptations (on the part of the heroes, anyway), and wouldn’t be seen to dwell on vices, right?

Strictly speaking, no. There are plenty of heroes and villains who like to indulge in the world of the casino for various reasons – collecting money for their criminal empire, keeping up appearances, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the different characters who are known to do just that. There are other characters who like the rustle of the Poker cards, but these are some of the most famous.


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You can’t talk about the height of luxury and sophistication without thinking about the Dark Knight himself.  

Now, Batman doesn’t have time for casino games – he’s too busy protecting Gotham City and the world from harm. But Bruce Wayne, who is the playboy, reckless alter ego designed to fool the masses, does have time to sit down and play a few rounds of Poker.

Combining his genius intellect with the natural thrill of the game, it’s not at all a stretch to imagine Bruce Wayne strolling into a casino to enjoy himself with a night of cards, drinks and high-stakes games. Assuming he doesn’t just buy the casino, of course. As Bruce himself said in Batman vs Superman, buying expensive things is “a reflex”.




Once upon a time, Harvey Dent was one of Batman’s most ardent allies in the war against crime. But when exposure to acid mutilated one half of his body and permanently damaged his psyche, the vicious and highly sociopathic Two-Face was born.

But here’s the thing about Two-Face as a character. Most of his schemes are controlled entirely by luck. He has a lucky coin with him at all times – it too is scarred on one side and represents the duality of the character.  

Two-Face makes all of his decisions with this coin, and seems to enjoy the idea of gambling and betting highly – 50/50 odds are right up his alley. It’s not a big ask to picture Two-Face settling in for a good game of cards at the haven run by another character on the list.


Picture 2


Iron Man


Moving away from the rich history of DC for a minute, let’s dive right into the world of Marvel. Tony Stark is the world-famous, and sadly now deceased, Iron Man.

The heir to a multi-million dollar arms company, Tony Stark was captured and injured by one of his weapons by a terrorist group. To survive the shrapnel that was continually moving towards his heart, he built a device to protect himself and hold back death. The fact he also produced a series of mechanical suits of armour to become a superhero is just part of the story.

However, Tony Stark is also a playboy billionaire. Remind you of someone? When he’s not saving the world or training up Spider-Man, Tony Stark would often dip into casinos to spend some cash and enjoy himself – for all of his heroic qualities, the man also liked to enjoy life.


The Penguin


Our final pick on the list is back in familiar Gotham City. Oswald Cobblepot is a diminutive, shrewd businessman and collector – he’s also a maniacal and dangerous supervillain called the Penguin.  

Penguin crosses paths with Batman all the time, but when he’s not battling the Dark Knight, he’s running the Iceberg Lounge. A haven for crooks and criminals alike, this legitimate club has drinks, thrills and a casino. If you’ve got the money and the bruises from Batman to prove your villainy, there’s a place for you in Penguin’s world – doubtless, he would use his facilities from time to time. Even supervillains need to relax!


Picture 3


So, to wrap this up, these are some of the superheroes and villains who like to hit the casino for some legal fun now and then. Sure, battling each other for the fate of the world is a good thrill, but nothing can beat the dry rustle of the cards and good attention from the staff.

Of course, the villains may well need their casinos to go into – Two-Face or Penguin probably wouldn’t be welcome in Vegas. But you just know that they’re affectionados of card games, betting and gambling because they’re just fun. It’s always nice to see these fictional characters sit down and enjoy themselves at the tables – it helps to add a degree of realism and means that they’re people too. Anyone can gamble, and these larger-than-life characters prove it in the many different interpretations and mediums they’ve been in over the years.

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