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When we read stories, we immerse ourselves in new worlds. While sometimes they’re entirely different, shocking our senses as they invite us to experience things for the first time, often they can reflect our own, letting us escape our lives while simultaneously allowing us to view them from a different perspective. We seek comfort in […]


1883 Magazine’s Lucy Ford chats with K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher about their new EP Summer Holiday.


1883 Magazine speaks with K-Pop group Omega X about their new mini-album “VAMOS,” persevering despite having setbacks, finding inspiration in SHINee, EXO, and BTS, and more.


Thirteen multi-talented artists. Three dynamic sub-units. One internationally renowned K-pop boy band that churns out hit after hit––and has a hand (well, thirteen hands) in every element of content creation, from choreography to songwriting. This is SEVENTEEN.   The band’s self-determination is a refreshing rarity in K-pop, where record labels often dictate their acts’ brands […]