Content creator & media personality Tefi is the big sister the internet didn’t know it needed.

Estefanía Vanegas Pessoa, more popularly known as Tefi, is a Latina content creator taking TikTok by storm. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Tefi was drawn to the world of pop culture when she was a young girl. During our conversation, she mentioned how she gravitated toward VH1 and MTV when she was younger because she was lonely. She described how she learned valuable life lessons by watching celebrities handle conflicting situations. It’s a journey I mirrored when I was around the same age, and this highlighted one of the reasons why so many people are immediately captivated by Tefi. Not only does she empathize with her audience, but she encompasses a multitude of experiences and emotions we’ve all gone through silently, on our own. 

Her ability to emanate warmth and acceptance is visible in everything she does. When you scroll through her videos on TikTok, it feels almost conspiratorial. Sure, millions of other people are watching everything Tefi posts, but you feel as though she’s speaking directly to you and only you. It’s a gift that has made countless people feel less alone, myself included. And while Tefi understands the pitfalls that come along with sharing yourself so openly on social media, it’s worth the risk to her because of what she gains in doing so. She has worked her ass off while remaining true to herself, and it is through her perseverance and determination that she has established an incredible career for herself. She’s a content creator, mental health advocate, activist, InStyle Magazine TikTok host, TEDxSpeaker, and professional reporter (and that’s just naming a few of the highlights).

Speaking with Tefi one-on-one provides the same engaging, emotional response that watching her videos does, which further proves that what you see is what you get with her. It’s a rarity in a world where much of what you see is a veiled attempt to cover up what’s really hiding beneath the surface.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine’s Sam Cohen, Tefi talks about her history with pop culture & astrology, creating content for TikTok, the advice she gives to people just starting out, and more.


I’m so excited to talk to you. I’ve been obsessed with you forever.

That’s my favourite way for people to feel about me.


First of all, how was the Batman premiere? 

It was fantastic. It’s so crazy. I always have these moments where I’m on the way there with Jade and I had this moment of thinking, You’re gonna go see the Batman premiere. When I was 15 [years old], I would’ve said I’m going to the mall to see a Batman movie with someone, and that’s exciting. But, I’m like, No, you’re going. You’re going! And I had all my nails on. When I was in Europe recently, I did not have time to go get my nails done. So, I had press-on nails. When I tell you they were falling off like leaves in autumn. I could not hold anything. I would touch something, I would sneeze, and they would all fall off! I was scared I was gonna be at the Batman premiere and talking to somebody and just [imitates nails flying off]. I would die.


Your nail is just stuck to Robert Pattinson’s face.

I like stapled them on!


But they don’t need to know. You gotta keep the nails on so no one understands that.

Exactly. I’ll save it for a TikTok post. I gotta save the content. 


Speaking of, I love your TikTok. 

I’m glad you like them!


You literally make me cry laughing. I just stay up late scrolling through your videos in the dark.

Oh my God! Well, they just released the 10-minute feature. It’s over. Right? It’s over! 


Amazing! Your series won’t have to be 20 parts anymore.

Oh, they’ll still be 20 parts. [Both laugh].


It’ll be a compendium. A box set.



Maybe people will stop yelling at you now for not uploading them fast enough.

I don’t see that happening. I think they’re always going to see the opportunity to yell at me, but I love being on TikTok. I really do. The only thing is these kids are quick! And they’re funny and they’re mean [laughs]. But I love them. 


I don’t know if it’s because I feel like I’m old, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m part of their scene.

How old are you?


I’m going to be 30 in June.

We’re not old! We’re living. We’re just living out here. I feel like 30 is what you make of it. When did you say you’re turning 30?


My birthday is on June 23rd. 

Okay, so you’re a Cancer!


I am! Very much so.

I feel like once you turn 30, I don’t know how to explain it. I’m gonna compare it to something, but this is not us. Susan Sarandon, when she turned 60, she said something along the lines of there isn’t that pressure of having to be this fuckable little mink or to be sexy all the time. This performance of being sexy is done. So, when you turn 30, as a woman it’s this time where you can actually be a person in society. People actually want to hear your opinions on things.


You always lead from a place of authenticity and transparency, but you’re empathetic toward everyone. I feel it makes such a huge difference, especially in pop culture, because we get stuck in this world where you’re trying to make the headline to get attention and you lose your empathy in the process. I think to do what you do, you need to be empathetic and understand that these people are just people.

That’s hard, though. I’m like, “Okay, well everybody has bad days.” I don’t want it to come from a place where it’s… How do I say this? I’m not Barney. I don’t wanna be the Barney of TikTok. I can be real! I don’t know if you watch Love & Hip Hop, but one of the moms in the show goes, I’m the B I T C H. I can be someone who gets it wrong. I get annoyed easily. I get angry. So, I’m trying to come from a place of…if it were me, I would want a second chance.

And how do I say this? Some things are not excusable, right? We don’t have to excuse them, but we can try to understand them. So, let’s say somebody cheats on you. You understand maybe this person grew up in a house where he saw that, or they grew up in a house where it was a terrible situation, or he went through something really traumatic, et cetera. You can understand that, but it doesn’t mean you forgive that person and choose to still be with them. So, I’m trying to come from a place of, “Okay, so maybe you don’t feel empathy for this person, but I think if we were able to understand why.” A lot of people, with Angelina Jolie, don’t feel empathy for her because Brad Pitt was married. Everybody in the world has been in a situation where they have been cheated on, or know someone they love that has been cheated on.



On whatever scale that may be, maybe not their husband, but a boy in high school or college, a long-time boyfriend. We all can kind of tap into that feeling. When I did the series, I was trying to tap into a place of, “They did do that, but let’s try to understand.” And, I’m sorry, I think I’ve said it before on TikTok, but if I was on a movie set with Brad Pitt and we were supposed to be fighting and fucking all the time? Yeah, I’m gonna fall in love, dude! So, I look at her and I think, “Have you never kissed the bartender before for a free Long Island iced tea?”


It’s almost the same, but on a bigger scale.

You’re going to say no to William Bradley Pitt?! And he’s sending her flowers every day saying, I know you’re the one. I can’t stop thinking about you. I think when I started doing the pop culture stories it’s because I was having all these feelings. My mom, God bless her, she’s not like those moms you see on TV, those Kumbaya Moms. My mom is not a Kumbaya Mom. My mom is a Wall Street Mom. She’s a “get it together” kind of mom. “Oh, you’re tired? Have a cry in the shower, come back out, and put some lip gloss on,” kind of mom. And I love that about her because she’s really…there’s a lot of wisdom that comes from, “If this matters so much right now feel it, but absolutely don’t live in it. Feel it, don’t live in it. Let it go. Life is big.

Or if your life is small, small things feel huge. But if your life is big, it feels small. What are you gonna do in order for your life to feel big? Feel it, but ensure your life is big enough to move on from this. So, that’s the mom I grew up with. And when you’re 15, you’re like, “You don’t understand, I’m gonna marry him!” I would watch Perez Hilton and I would watch VH1. I would watch MTV news and all these things. And I would think to myself, like Selena and Justin, I always bring up this example. Or Taylor Swift, if they made it through their first breakup, and I can hardly handle my ex at the time…no, he’s still my ex not, not just at the time. [Both laugh].

If I can hardly handle him uploading a Facebook post saying “Playing basketball right now,” and me breaking down, and Selena Gomez can handle Justin Bieber on a billboard and in concert and being seen at clubs and stuff. And she’s making a ton of money, not letting it get in the way of her life, I’m gonna be okay. So, I started to take those things and absorb those things, and hear the way people thought about being perceived because social media was so jarring to me at first. I really wanted attention. And then sometimes, you get attention as a kid, as a teenager, and you don’t like it. But I would hear celebrities talk about people’s opinions about that. Because they were the first people under a microscope. So, you start to adopt those things. You start to pull those things in. And I think that’s how I started to absorb pop culture, because I was a lonely kid, and I didn’t know how to talk about my feelings. But you know who taught me? Scarlett Johansson. Jessica Biel. 


Are you ever hesitant to open yourself up that much to other people—do you feel like the reward of being vulnerable is worth the risk of dealing with everything else that comes along with it?

I think there are certain rules. So, my first thing is, if it’s how you feel, say it. But, if you’re unsure how to say it, announce that. If there’s something sensitive you’re trying to say, let’s say we’re talking about a really sensitive subject. Let’s say we’re talking about someone who has an eating disorder, and we’re talking about it on TikTok. I have never been this person, I’ve only been myself, and I don’t know how to express that. So, while that’s general and it applies to the situation, you’re still coming from a place of…You might be wrong. You might be wrong about the person you’re talking about. That might not be the way they feel at all. But you’re talking about how you feel through the guise of somebody else’s experience. 

The person that’s watching may not feel the way that celebrity feels, but they may look at you and say, “That’s how I feel, too.” I feel like in English class when we’re talking about feelings, and I haven’t been in English class in 20 years, but in English class, you could argue something through context clues. You can say, “Obviously this person is not a good character,” or they’re going through this, but in math, it’s two plus two equals four. So, I feel like when we talk about feelings, it’s easy for people to manipulate a narrative, like in English class, when we manipulate jargon and dialogue.


Right, absolutely.

I try my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. The only narrative I’m manipulating is comfort. I wanna manipulate it so it’s comforting to the person watching. Tiger Woods has already fucked up. And he’s fine. He’s completely fine. He’s probably having sex right now. But with that series, what it’s really about is how important your childhood is, how important it is to teach your child how to cope, and how important it is to differentiate your child and your friend. How to differentiate your idol and your parent. These relationships are about the dynamic of control, the dynamic of free time, the dynamic of expression between parent and child, and also how everything we don’t express manifests in a different way.

That’s what I was trying to do. So, this person never had any fun. He never had any fun, and they let him off his leash. And he was like a dog in the woods. He just took off, and it’s because he didn’t know how to handle attention and freedom and responsibility at the same time because his dad didn’t either. That’s what I was trying to talk about. And I feel like the story is Tiger Woods, but it’s also a story of a dude that fucked up real bad. He fucked up real bad, but that can exist…


In the same space.

Exactly. And all the stories I do, I pick them because no matter how it gets, they always end up okay. Everything is fine. They can work through it. Amanda Bynes, she’s fine. She’s apparently filing a petition to end her conservatorship.


I actually just saw that before we started speaking.

I think she’s incredibly smart. The way she speaks is super…I don’t wanna say calculated, but articulate. I haven’t done a Britney Spears series because I just don’t wanna bring more attention to her. I feel she gets enough attention as is. And I’m kind of traumatized with the feeding frenzy of her and being a part of that. So, I don’t think I’ll ever do a Britney Spears series. And I feel like people are gonna be doing Britney Spears series till the end of time. I feel like even with her recently, she’s doing these topless Instagrams, and I’m looking at the comments and I’m like, “You guys must not be a Britney fan.” Britney Spears has been showing us her body since 2002.


It’s been a long time!

A long time! She loves a flirty burlesque moment. And also at the same time, we forget, she’s 40-something. She’s a corny, cheesy Facebook mom! And I love her. I would die for her. I want her to be happy. And if being happy is twirling around like a little poodle in a tutu on the beach, go be free. Nobody loves a TJ Maxx/ Marshall’s fairy like Britney Jean Spears. The way she loves FernGully, fairy dust, and magic princesses. But I also think she’s gonna be 14 years old forever. Because that was the last time she was excited to do stuff. Maybe 17 years old. I think when she turned 18, it got real, because then the world was like, “You can have sex with Britney Spears.” I remember with Billie Eilish, there was a countdown to when she turned 18, which is disgusting.


Yes. It’s absolutely disgusting. And unfortunately, it happens all the time.

We made Britney Spears out to be this virginal pop star, perfect cutie. She’s stuck in that loop for a second. Before, there could be a celebrity, and then we never saw her again, except for a paparazzi shot 10 years later. Now with social media, we have to see what we did to them. Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears. We ran them into the ground, and now we have to look at them and say, “Why is she like this?” Why do you think, Jared? Because we did that! We did that to them. So, I think those conversations are gonna happen more and more. 


People don’t learn, because it’s almost cyclical. People will say, “Oh my God, this is so horrible, we should learn from this.” And then somebody else does something, and it becomes a huge internet spectacle where everybody has to chime in.

I feel like Kanye West is difficult for me right now because of that. I feel like this man is unwell, and there’s also the art of it. When I was watching his new music video where he’s in the claymation, I don’t know if you’ve seen it?


I have, yeah.

He beats the shit out of Pete Davidson in the video and buries him alive. And it’s claymation and you can see it’s obviously art, or whatever. But another part of me is like, how quickly we forget Eminem talking about Kim [Scott] and his music videos about that. There’s the argument of artistic expression. But then what about Kim [Kardashian]? It’s weird because for some celebrities it’s different. If we’re talking Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, they weren’t moms at the time. Britney is, but when we first started tearing Britney apart, she wasn’t a mom yet. But now we’re watching someone kind of harass this woman, and she’s a mom to their children, and he’s doing it publicly. And he’s showing graphic violence of this person this woman is dating, and the internet is insane, so there’s this pressure cooker. So, I worry. I worry about Pete Davidson as well.



Pete has always been open about his mental health struggles and has always been honest about that. So, I’m sure that’s difficult, especially because you’re just trying to enter into this new relationship with this person you care about, and Kim’s trying to deal with being in a new relationship, being a mom, dealing with Kanye’s behaviour. And obviously, she’s probably afraid for the kids, because even if he’s not jeopardizing their safety when he’s with them, they’re still going to have to see these things when they’re old enough to understand them, and how is that going to affect all of them?

Yeah. Long-term. And I feel like there’s a fine line between reporting or updating people that follow you and entertaining them with this. And then there’s also a joke within this. I’m sure there’s a joke in all of this I could find, but is it worth it? Is it cheap? 


I think nowadays because it’s so quick with social media, people feel they have to be the first one with the comment. I think that’s a problem because more people need to take a second to stop and really think, “Should I do this? Do I really wanna do this? Is this the correct way of going about it?

That’s the problem I have with the media today. Sometimes I watch these shows and they tell us what’s going on. You’re letting people come up with their own conclusions. It’s kind of like when we watch the news and something horrible happens. And the news anchor says, “This is a horrible tragedy in American history.” I’m not saying you have to say that about every single thing, but with breaking news, that sets the tone a little bit. I cannot imagine going through this right now. The news will say, “Kanye was seen yesterday harassing Kim Kardashian outside of her home for hours.” What are you talking about, dude?


You do have to empathize with the people involved in the situation. I’m so creeped out with that, because they’ll deliver some horrible news, and then roll into the next thing. Which essentially glazes over the severity of something.

Right? It is, it’s weird.


That’s one of the reasons why I was interested in speaking to you, because I know you lead from a place where you just go with the conversation. 

Sometimes when I see things where people have a criticism of me that’s not constructive in any way, I always say, So, when you do it, when you’re invited, when you’re asked to do this, when you can step out and do this, do it your way. And then I’m like, Oh…you’re not invited? What are you gonna wear to the red carpet? Oh, damn, well! Sorry! Do interviews your way. That’s it! 


Is there anything specific you wanted to make sure you talked about in this interview?

Oh boy, let’s see! [reads the list of talking points] Vogue Business declaring you to be “a new kind of archetype” and what that means to you. I don’t even know! That’s sick. I feel like the new archetypes we’re talking about are the people who say what’s on their minds. I feel like this idea of being cancelled is very terrifying to anybody and everybody—you don’t have to be an influencer or a content creator to fear being canceled. You could just be a regular person in any industry. But I feel like now in the public eye, more and more people are coming forward that are unafraid to say how they feel and have a conversation about it versus being crucified for it. And I am trying to create conversations around certain topics that make it… I want technology to enhance the human condition and the human connection, not replace it. 

I feel like sometimes we’re so far removed from tapping into another person’s emotions. I don’t mean in a way where you are so empathetic you’re now a doormat, but I feel like sometimes, especially after the pandemic, we forget what it’s like sitting next to a person. Talking to a person or having somebody share something with you or seeing someone have a bad day and saying, “Oh my God, I don’t know if I really like her, but that sucks.” That kind of human stirring we all have. I don’t care who you are, if your coworker next to you is sobbing, you’re like, Oh my God, it sucks to be her right now. One of those things. 

I would like to bring that back in a way, but I’m constantly trying to figure out how to make that happen more through a screen because that’s difficult. But you gotta put some skin in the game. When people are like, “How are you so vulnerable online?” I say it’s because you hope people will meet you halfway.


I think what you put into the universe comes back to you, and sometimes your own capacity for vulnerability allows other people to tap into theirs. But I have a weird relationship with social media. I need it for connection and for work, but then I feel there is a disconnect, and you forget it’s an actual person you’re looking at and you’re just seeing a glimpse of them and their life. 

I do worry a little about vulnerability porn. I do worry that sometimes people are sharing too much. I look at some posts and I’m like, Oh baby, I didn’t need to know that. Thank you for sharing, but I wonder sometimes, are you sharing for catharsis? Are you sharing for attention? But there’s a cost to people knowing you like that. There’s a cost to that. And I had to learn that in certain ways. There are always gonna be things I don’t talk about because it’s not my place or it’s not my story. In my personal life, or if I don’t think it’s conducive to my career. And I don’t think any amount of likes is worth being that naked for, and I give plenty. If there’s anything that affects my brother’s life or my sister’s life or my mom’s life, I’m not going to share something like that because it’s not my story. I love that we’re being so authentic, but be careful.

For example, if you upload one video about anxiety and it goes viral or it does really well, and it performs. Well, for the rest of the time you are online, you’ll always get a few comments saying, “Can you talk about anxiety?” People are gonna start categorizing you. So, once you start sharing, if you share everything, what are you gonna share next? How are you going to retain this audience of yours that you’re trying to build? 


You don’t need to delve into everything else, but people will. And then people get into that mindset of being like, “Well, I don’t have anything to share, so I have to drum up something to retain attention.”

I talk about that all the time too with smaller content creators. Somebody who’s starting out, they’ll say, “I don’t have anything to talk about.” And I’ll say, How many siblings do you have? They’re like, “Three.” And I ask, Where are you? The oldest? “Yeah.” Talk about being the oldest sibling! Where are you from? “I’m from Texas.” Talk about growing up in Texas. Are you a natural blonde? “No.” Talk about the upkeep with your hair! People think in order to be important, they have to have this incredible life. Like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. They’ll say, “Oh I gotta grow up in Africa!” No. I literally talked about being a sensitive Latin person from Miami that loves astrology and pop culture. That is me.


You don’t have to give away pieces of yourself that you have nothing left anymore. I think people will always find something that resonates with them because like you’re saying, people can connect with you because they’re from the same area or they’re interested in the same topics. 

I have five rules when it comes to content creation. One is to immediately make a list of things you will never talk about. That’s a clear boundary with yourself. Two, you have to know who you are. Don’t let these people tell you who you are. When someone comments and says to me, “You’re so stupid.” I always respond “I disagree.” Because I disagree! You gotta know who you are. Three, you gotta walk around and you gotta create content as though you have already received the accolades and the validation you are seeking.


Oooh, that’s good!

You have to already do that! So, when I say I act like a Hundred Follower Bitch, it’s because I wanna remain on a friend level with you, on an intimate level with you, where I can see somebody, look somebody in the eye, and stay grounded within reality. I see many people getting very carried away, and they kind of start to build a home on the internet. The internet is not my home. The internet is how I communicate, but it’s not my home. So, I feel like that ties into knowing who you are. Regardless of whether you have five followers or 5 million, you’re going to get a comment that says you’re a loser. So, who cares? You have to walk around as though Vogue Business already said something amazing about you because then those things don’t hurt.

And then lastly, you have to schedule time where you’re living in the real world. If you find yourself checking comments all night, which I’ve done! I’ve read comments all night, especially when your videos first start doing well. And you see people disagreeing with you or saying things about you or having conversations about you in your comments section, and you start getting into that back and forth. When that happens, immediately log-off, immediately lock your phone, immediately block them or decide right then and there, can you do this? Yes or no? 


You have to know when to stop looking. I’ve done that with Instagram where if I’m promoting something I’ve done, I’ll constantly check my stories and then I’ll stop myself and say, I don’t even care! I’m proud of what I’ve done, and it’s something I enjoyed doing, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters. 

You did your part! You promoted it. You’re proud of it. You put it out there. You’re helping people see it. You’re helping with visibility. You did your part and that’s all you can do. For me, I uploaded the video. I did what I had to do, whether it be an ad, a personal story, whatever it is. But there’s also a point of…you have to also know people will wanna make an example out of you to show other people about how smart of a person they are, how good of a person they are. So people will drop you into it and say, “I know she sucks because I’m so smart.” And sometimes you gotta look at people and be like, You know what? Go buck! 


I need to be better about that. Which is so weird for me because I generally do not care what people think about me. But I feel like, if it’s something I’m hard on myself about, and then it gets highlighted by somebody else, I don’t know how to say, You know what, whatever, I’m just gonna live my life.

If you know you’re coming from a good place, and what you’re saying is how you feel, and you’re not being a dick, who cares? Who cares! People have made so many videos about me saying I’m the new Perez Hilton, which is insane to me. Or even worse is when they say I dig up family stuff. And I’m like If you mean the information on Wikipedia. 


You’re not at all like Perez Hilton. I read him religiously as well growing up because I was very much like you—I was lonely and I lived through pop culture as a way of connection. When you mentioned that earlier, it was something that felt very truthful to me as well, but he’s ruthless and I don’t think you are. You’re honest, but you still maintain integrity even when you’re being honest. 

I would never write, Eat something! Over a woman’s photo, or Eat less! Over a woman’s photo. I would never shame someone. But people correlate gossip they don’t like to him. Which sucks, because he is also from Miami. Come on, Mario. But anyway, I feel like there are certain things people talk about when people make videos about me, trying to make examples out of me, and I’m like, Oh this has nothing to do with me.


You do have to just kinda say, This is about them and they’re just working through something, and I’m gonna go live my life.

It’s crazy to me too, because people will say, “Oh, this creator was talking about pop culture and gossip and tabloid culture and mentioned you and how you’re so negative. But I watched the series and I love you.” Some people will break it down and say, “How could you make this a joke?” And I’m like, I didn’t make this a joke, I’m trying to make it lighter. If people are in a similar situation, they don’t feel like it’s detrimental to the course of their life.


Yeah, if somebody’s watching something you posted and they’re like, “Oh, I also did that thing” like you were saying if someone’s watching your Tiger Woods series and they themselves have been cheated on…

Or if they’re a sex addict!


Yeah! They’re still human at the end of the day. A mistake is a mistake. And like you said, you don’t have to forgive it, but you can try to be understanding of it. And you have to understand not everyone in your audience is going to be on your side of every equation. 

There are people in the world that criticize Rihanna. That’s what I say to myself at night when I’m going through this. Can you imagine? Isn’t that so embarrassing? I was seeing people criticize her about the way she’s been dressing.


She’s dressing how she’s always dressed! She just happens to be pregnant. Why does that matter to people now? You’re okay with looking at her scantily clad when she’s not pregnant.

It’s because motherhood is her new identity. When a woman becomes pregnant, she can no longer be a sexual being, because she’s living for another person. And I just feel like that’s so fucked up because moms are out here looking sexy!


That’s how they become moms!

That’s how they become moms. Good for them! People criticize the coolest, most pure things. There are people who don’t like Princess Diana!


She is the actual love of my life.

You say anything about her, I’m leaving the room. There are people in the world that criticize Princess Diana, and you think you’re safe? That woman is a saint. 


That’s fair!

Please! We’re all gonna be criticized and we just have to decide what we’re gonna carry with us. I get these comments all the time and they’re so weird because people will say, “I’ve known Tefi for many years and she’s not as nice as you think she is.” And I love when people come and say, “We know!” But I’m out here talking with love. I’m always talking with love. Do you know what it is? My mom would look at me and she’d be like, “I love you enough to tell you that looks horrible. That’s a horrible outfit.” Or she’d say, “What are you doing? Wearing blue eyeshadow? What are you doing?” 


My mom is the same way! [Both laugh]. I’d hold something up at Marshall’s and she’d say, “Oh you want that?” And I’d be like, Not anymore! 

Exactly! For me, when I talk about somebody, if I’m talking about Britney Spears and I’m like, Yo, come on Britney, please! I’m criticizing her because I don’t want her to be so available to you, because you guys are mean. I’m criticizing her because I want her to stay safe. And if she’s gonna post something and let you in, I want her to protect herself, but she’s so rock and roll. Her spirit is so rock and roll and she doesn’t give a fuck if people think she’s crazy. That’s rock and roll. You can barely post a story without putting a Paris filter on it! And here she is rolling in the sand, just having a time of her life. And you think you’re better than her?


She’s free. She’s free in a way that they will never be free.

And she’s gonna show you. She’s gonna say, Kiss my ass, and she shows you the cheek. That’s not rock and roll? Get the hell outta here!


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Interview by Sam Cohen

Photography by Brendan Wixted

Hair by David Cruz

Make-Up by Tegan Rice

Styling by Grace Tully

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