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The Best Informal Clothing for the Workplace

Nowadays, most employers are happy for their employees to come to work in clothing that is relatively informal but still smart. By allowing employees to wear informal attire, employers can promote comfort, satisfaction, and productivity within the workplace.

By filling your wardrobe with informal clothing that is suitable for your workplace means you will always have something fresh and clean to wear for work. Below, we have discussed the best clothing items for informal work outfits, whether you work as a safety officer, a call centre operator, or an office-based marketer.


A cosy sweater will keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler times of the year. They are clothing items that you can dress up to appear more formal or wear casually for an informal work outfit.

Sweaters are available in all sorts of shapes, designs, and materials. For example, you could choose a women’s V-neck sweater or a round-neck men’s jumper. You can go for a cropped sweater to pair with a long blouse or a longer one that covers your entire torso.

A sweater made out of cotton, wool, or cashmere will be extra warm and cosy during winter, enabling you to work to your full potential. Neutral colours are often best for the workplace and will match most trousers or skirts.


Blouses are another great choice for the workplace when you want to look professional but still be comfortable. They are lightweight and airy, making them perfect for the warmer summer months or a hit office where the heating is on high during winter.

Blouses come in a wide range of styles, from long to short and fitted to oversized. A white or cream-coloured blouse is ideal for the office and will look great with a blazer or cardigan.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a staple when it comes to informal workplace attire. They are ideal for both men and women, and offer both comfort and professionalism.

You can pair a polo shirt with some smart work trousers, a pair of jeans, or a pencil skirt. To keep yourself warm during winter, you can layer on top of your polo shirt with a blazer or cardigan.


Dresses are the perfect option for the warmer days in the office, providing something lightweight and comfortable. You can pair dresses with black tights and loafers to create a smart-casual outfit for the workplace.

Dresses are quick and easy to style, yet they look effortless and professional. You can choose from a range of styles, including tailored, shift, and wrap dresses, all of which offer a one-piece solution to your workplace wardrobe.

Ideally, your chosen dresses should be knee length or longer, and should cover most of your chest area. Choose dresses that have neutral, solid colours, such as black, brown, navy, and grey. Consider adding a belt to your dress to cinch in your waist, add more texture to your outfit, and enhance your professional appearance.

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