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The Enduring Legacy of Rap Feuds: From East Coast vs. West Coast to Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar

People are drawn to it like flies whenever something is in the form of combat. Be it a TV series with feuding families at the centre, a reality show with individuals competing, or a bunch of celebrities from a similar field who openly seem to be at odds with each other. Sometimes, those “feuds” are slightly exaggerated.

Still, since this type of performance is so successful among audiences, it’s no wonder many stars provoke it as a notorious spectacle or an open demonstration of skill. In this article, we’ll discuss the fascinating topic of rappers’ famous clashes.

The feuds also go beyond the music scene, inspiring punters from all over the world to visit a ​​magyar online casino and place bets on who will bag awards moving forward. Thus, a winner is determined in a more clear-cut, figure-heavy way.

The Storied History of Rap Beefs

The East Coast vs. West Coast Rivalry in the 1990s

So, what is it all about? The East Coast of the US and New York City boasted being the quintessential of the hip-hop culture, which resulted in other regions feeling overlooked. In the early ‘90s, the West Coast started to morph into a worthy contender with promising acts, and it all marked the beginning of the famous feud. Since then, many rapper beefs have been in the spotlight. The following paragraphs will recap some of them.

Tupac vs. The Notorious B.I.G.

Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. started as friends, but after a shooting incident allegedly tied to Biggie’s Boys Records members, Tupac lost confidence in his former buddy.

The two rappers were attacking each other publicly in both interviews and songs. Unfortunately, the feud ended in a tragedy for the two. First, Tupac was shot in 1996, followed by Biggie in 1997. Their murders shook the hip-hop scene and left a mark felt to this day.

Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim, Cardi B, Remy Ma

Nicki Minaj has had beef with many other notable female rappers due to her direct attitude and, perhaps, the patriarchal idea that the top holds a place for only one woman. She was caught in a heated argument with Cardi B and indulged in diss-tracking against Remi Ma. Minaj is not the only one thinking the rap scene is too small for two notable women. Lil’ Kim accused Minaj of copying her, dragging her into another public dispute.

Eminem vs. Nick Cannon

Eminem and Nick Cannon participated in a decade-long public feud over the relationship with Mariah Carey, which also included some nasty comments about her.

Ice Cube vs. N.W.A.

The popular N.W.A consisted of many famous members like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Dr.Dre. Their fallout resulted from professional and personal differences and represented a hip-hop version of an old story we’ve witnessed with many renowned musical groups.

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The Drake and Kendrick Lamar Feud

This feud allegedly started with Lamar rejecting a feature in Drake’s “First Person Shooter.” Although the feud has been an ongoing theory since 2010, it escalated in 2024 after the release of “Like That.”

The fans added a surprising layer to the discussion by introducing astrology. Drake being a Skorpio and Lamar a Gemini is supposed to have a significant meaning to the Zodiac-loving fans who analyzed their birth charts.

J. Cole, seemingly eager to join the fray, dissed Lamar on his “7 Minute Drill.” However, he quickly backtracked and apologized, revealing that the battle’s reputation may have been more intense than the musicians’ actual sentiments. The Drake vs Kendrick Lamar feud, on the other hand, took a shocking turn with diss tracks that delved into dark themes, including accusations of abuse.

From April to May 2024, the rappers released a series of scathing diss tracks aimed at each other, escalating their heated feud. Kendrick Lamar started the lyrical battle with “Euphoria” on April 30, 2024, criticizing Drake’s alleged plastic surgery and parenting skills. He followed up with “6:16 in LA” on May 3, mocking Drake’s lyrical content and collaborations. The next day, Kendrick released two more tracks, “Meet the Grahams,” in which he apologized to Drake’s son and claimed Drake had a secret daughter, and “Not Like Us,” where he labelled Drake a “certified pedophile.”

Drake, not one to back down, had already fired the first shot with “Push Ups” on April 13, 2024, targeting Kendrick’s stature and collaborations. He also released “Taylor Made Freestyle” in April, which was later taken down due to its use of an AI-generated Tupac voice. On May 3, Drake responded with “Family Matters,” alleging that Kendrick was not the father of his son and making accusations of domestic violence against him. The feud reached a boiling point with Drake’s “The Heart Part 6” on May 5, where he refuted Kendrick’s allegations and delved into sensitive topics from Kendrick’s past songs.

Gambling Perspective on Rap Feuds

Musicians have had actual or imaginary feuds since the old days. Just think of Mozart and Salieri, mythical enemies who, in real life, were not arguing at all.

New music is by no means less epic, so it is hardly surprising modern celebrities are following the same pattern to gain notoriety and even more fame. But what about betting?

Historical Precedent of Betting on Rap Battles

We’ve already touched upon the first rap clashes, the Bridge Wars. It all started as a dispute over the true birthplace of the style. The epic responses in songs highlighted the genre’s strengths. Its eloquence and conversational rhythm make it perfect for a dialogue or argument format, which might be why many rap artists still engage in it. KRS-One and Marley Marl have since confirmed it was not a feud and released a collaborative album, Hip Hop Lives, in 2007.

Naturally, everything winner or loser-related is an excellent opportunity for gambling. People love to bet on anything, and celebrity feuds are no exception. Let’s see what those following the biggest 2024 rivalry bet on. The most prominent betting categories are interesting, so we must examine them together. Regarding the next Grammys, the odds are 1.37 for Lamar and 2.85 for Drake. Lamar released his last album in 2022, Mr.Morale and The Big Steppers. Drake, also a founder of OVO Sound, has been slightly more prolific, releasing Certified Lover Boy in 2021 and For All The Dogs in 2023.

As for the nomination of diss songs, Lamar’s odds are 1.57 for “yes” and 2.25 for “no,” while his rival’s odds are even at 1.83 for both possible outcomes.

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The Lasting Impact of Rap Feuds

Controversy attracts views and attention. Since the rap scene is known for being gritty and provocative, it is no wonder the history of famous feuds has marked the genre’s narrative and legacy, sometimes, unfortunately, with grave and deadly consequences.

Still, many public feuds are carefully crafted performances that give audiences what they want by further popularizing the artists and blurring the line between spectacle and reality.

With the rise of social media, conversations have become more widespread, and everyone can join in. Celebrities often use social media to twist hip-hop news in their favour and raise the audience’s awareness of their real or imagined feuds.

Hip-hop feuds are hardly new since famous musicians have been involved in rivalries across other times and genres. The practice or method is pivotal in boosting attention within the music industry and is a crucial segment of contemporary pop culture. The dynamic discourse around hip-hop musicians attracts the curiosity of fans from Hungary and the world.

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